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94 Echelon LX Electrical Issue

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I've got a 1994 Echelon LX with an electrical issue  Starting yesterday, when i put they key in ignition and turn to the right, i hear the buzzer for 2 seconds which is usual and i hear the fuel pump engage within the VST.  However, the blower fan does not engage.  Attempting to start does nothing.  With the key off, when i press the Blower button, normally the blower will run.  Now when doing so, Fuel pressure and pressure gauges peg to the right.  When i turn off, they got back to Empty and "0".   The bilge button does work, but my Int Lts are very dim.  Navigation lights exhibit the same symptoms as the blower button. 

I've checked grounds at hte engine and am under the steering wheel now looking things over.  The only thing i did was remove the perfect pass computer under the dash.  Are there any wires associated with perfect pass that could cause my issue?

Is there a wiring diagram explaining how the wires should be connected to the back of the ignition switch?

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I had a similar issue in the past with my old 95 Response.  I had installed a new stereo, and turns out I had knocked the ground loose behind the dash.  The problem was intermittent.  I'd double check all connections are tight.  

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appreciate the quick response.  I'm embarrased to say it was a ground.  Should have doublechecked before posting...

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Just to be more specific for future reference, the main wiring harness running from the helm under the floor into the engine dogbox.  There is a bundle of wires leading into a rubber, circular, quick disconnect with a zip tie around it - its rather large, probably slightly larger than a silver dollar.  It travels across the engine to the passenger side(port) of the engine where ecm is.

With the key on, the computron would light up, go through the startup, then show 0 as it normally does.  Sometimes turning they key would crank the engine, sometimes it would do nothing.  If you moved/wiggled that connection, it would kill power to the computron and fan.  I cut the zip tie, pulled it apart, and cleaned the connections and the problem is now resolved, there was some slight corrosion on the pins.

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