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T23 Vs T22


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I was wondering if there are any considerable differences as far as wake goes between a boat that is 23 feet long and one that is 22 feet long. The two particular boats im looking have the same max ballast capacity but the T22 has a 409 monsoon engine while the T23 has a 410 monsoon.

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Those engines are identical. Some people refer to the 409 as a 410 and you'll often see them listed as both when looking on various websites. The engine has 363HP and 341lb ft of torque.

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Obvious answer is compare them directly and make your own choice.

I own a T22, I've ridden in the T23 - IMO - they're pretty close to each other (200lb weight dif) - visually I didn't see a difference in the wave but I didn't ride behind it.  I would "guess" they will be very close and the 23 by virtue of being a bigger boat will allow for the creation of a slightly bigger/longer wave if so set up.

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I have owned both. Had a 2017 and 2018 T22, then in 19 and 20 did T23s. 

The T22 is an easier boat to weight and setup to surf and wakeboard. It is one of the best all around boats we have owned (on our 10th inboard). Honestly out of the box with plug n play ballast you are totally dialed in. had the 409 engines and they were great for all watersports beyond barefooting. 

The T23 is a noticeable increase in size. more than just a foot bigger... This boat takes more bow weight than the T22 did for us to get the wave dialed in. We have 600# of lead stashed in the bow and midship now. I havent wakeboarded behind a T23 (shoulder surgery took away all the fun), but pulling friends its legit. 

End of the day, the wave potential on a T23 is higher, but it takes more to get going. I loved our T22s for sunday morning sessions with just my wife and small kids. It was so easy. That being said, you want to have a big crew, dont look back and go for the T23. I have never said, "I wish my boat was smaller"...


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I have a T22, and our friends have a T23.

We run PNP +400 in lead (walkway or bow if surfing).  Our friends just have PNP on the T23.  I like our wave more than his.  His could be better if he'd throw more weight at it, but he doesn't want to.

But there's no denying the size and depth of the T23.  It's an all-round bigger feeling boat.  If you are going to regularly have more than 5 on the boat, go T23.  If you'll have 5-6 max and 5 or fewer on the reg, then the T22 is plenty of boat, and totally makes a decent wake.

Also remember that the T22 has a smaller gas tank (42 gallons I think?) vs the yuge 70+ of the T23.  That can make a big difference if you spend long days on the water away from available fuel.

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