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Ballast drain/fill pump????


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Hey y'all,

I have a 2010 Wakesetter VLX. Got it last year, ran great all year. Took it out to the lake yesterday and I am not able to fill left ballast tank or drain. Right tank won't drain. Checked the fuses, they were blown, so I replaced those to see if they would take care of the problem, unfortunately they blow as soon as I turn on the pump. So, I am assuming the pumps are bad. I pulled the left (at least I believe it is the left pump) cartridge and don't see any debris in there. So, I am assuming the pumps are bad.

Question 1: Are the pumps both fill and drain, or are they separate pumps, ie one pump for fill and another for drain?

Question 2: Does anyone have a schematic of where they are all located?

Thank you for any input


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I am not 100% sure of where they are located on your boat, but if it is the factory system they are two pumps. One for fill and one for drain. 

The fill one is most likely right by the v drive mounted to the hull. I’m not sure where they put the drain one’s in 2010.

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This is a 2010 LSV. The locations should be the same for both boats. The related fill pump is on the same side of the boat as the drain pump for that tank on the back of the tanks. These are the rear fill pumps with an extra (lower) one I put in. The fill pumps for the mid and front tanks are in under the front bilge plate in the deck. Drain pumps are screwed into the back of these tanks as well.4A582DBC-9F6F-4861-9ACA-5FD7B93A5260.thumb.jpeg.8b0879b8847b5e33abdcf31bd1a4c536.jpeg

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Thank you for the response.

Am I correct in thinking the pumps are seized up since the fuse blows every time I start the pump?

Wish they made a Hayne's repair book for these boats.

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I was starting to have issues with them when I sold my 10. After 8 years of use it was just their time to start failing. On my boat, after the prop they we the most abused item on the boat. 

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Thanks again guys. I ordered some Piranha's today. Are the drain pumps also the Piranha 800s?

Can anyone tell me what the 3 pumps are in the middle bilge access? I assumed they were for the center tank, but they all three have open ball valve stops that allow intake of water.

Then I have the 2 near the transmission in the rear.

I noticed 1 in the front for the front tank, I assumed, but I didn't look at that one closely.

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I have a 2019 24 MXZ.  The front ballast tank drain pump is not getting power.  The pump works if I put it in another location so I assume the fuse is blown.  Can somebody tell me where it is located?  

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Ok, changed out pumps, fuses are good, pumps are running (I hear them running). But, my left rear will not drain (pump is running).

I filled the tank till it would puke, saw this on another thread, but it still won't drain. There are 2, I'm assuming drain ports on the left rear. One puked when I was full. Is the other the drain port? Is it possible something is stuck in this port? Can I snake it?


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I have a 2013 23LSV and the bow tank will not fill, pump does not vibrate When turned on, where would the fuses be located for the tank pumps/drains?

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