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Mounting option for ws420???


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About to get a 420 eq to fine tune and better control the stereo.. But trouble deciding where to mount in my 2013 A22.. Where did everyone else mount their eq? Pictures for reference would be great... 

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Most just remove HU snd make a plate and mount it there, if you do this you’ll want 420 BT (but will need phone to control music )

For my A20 The 420 SQ made to fit clear acrylic mount is from eBay snd is only the front panel and the LED in one color

a shop mounted to dash routing a groove in back for a horizontal piece of acrylic fir dash mount with brackets and bolts through front panel at top 

it was clear, the install shop scuffed it to diffuse more light like rings for speakers are not clear, they are smoke but that’s not the right word 

thats a WS BT Rocker switch transceiver that I love , we don’t ever touch phone once on BT, just the  rocker switch 

the mount comes with three rocker switch bays and three LED rocker switches one bay I used for BT RS, the other two LED RS’s control my RGB stereo snd plug  lights , we changed the mount LED to RGB from one color

With 420 BT , you have to use phone to control music

I kept my Sony HU on the main input of EQ for an additional source for a riders playlist on their phone and the awesome radio that it is, BT RS goes to aux in on EQ

tied the remote out from Sony HU (orange white striped wire in the harness ) with the remote out blue of BT RS snd whichever I turn on turns on the amps 

HU, EQ, snd BT RS are all on the same accessory switch remote powered and grounded to amp board




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That's hella nice.. I guess making a bracket is the way to go then.. I want to keep Hu where it is.. Its actually not to bad of a unit 

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No it’s good snd you can use CD and a tuning box , CD makes tuning noises and box reads gain adjust until distortion and then back off 

we also used it to set a max non distorted Max HU volume  output setting which was 46

agsin I like the idea of multiple sources without changing phones to the BT connection, one guys music can be USB or current BT and yours to the BT RS or 420 BT

i bid $94 delivered on eBay , message me  later for pictures from under dash when ready to install if you use this, if not have fun with your bracket 

they took that right low face plate of dash switches out to install behind it snd under 

HU can also support xm tuner input with a ready source selection aux I think

Never try to play music not downloaded to phone on that HU, it won’t support streaming only 

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