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Temporary Seat Covers While Docked

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I have my boat docked for the week. It gets used several times each day so taking the cover on and off is a pain. Trying to come up with ideas to protect the vinyl from the sun throughout the day. Anyone have a good solution?

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Spray em down with vinyl conditioner and your good to go. A few days in the sun really wont do any damage but I can understand why you would want them protected. I have seen guys with a terrycloth like cover for their seats but I think those were home made.. You could always lay out some towels over the seats to dry them out at the same time too..

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Being in the sun for the day won't hurt them, think about it, you are out on the water without them covered!  We usually have towels laid out to help keep things cool. 

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True story.  I know a guy who uses towels over his seat covers over the leather in his expensive German car.  What is the point?  Saving the interior for the next buyer?

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Agree with the above.  Short term (a few days) exposure to the sun won't hurt the vinyl if it is well cared for.

I'm low rent - I spread the towels out on the seats.  Dries the towels and prevents my kids from getting 2nd degree burns from the vinyl.

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I have terry cloth seat covers in my boat, I had them stitched by a local couch/sofa recovering outfit. I supplied the materials and the cushions (for templates) and they stitched them for me. It keeps the kids snacks, drinks, etc. off the vinyl and makes it so you don't burn yourself sitting down in the sun. There was a company named Primal Marine Produx that made them, but they no longer exist. A google image search for "Primal Marine Produx" will show you what's possible. 

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The amount of time it takes to throw the cover on a Response has got to be less than a minute, compared with trying to engineer some other solution.  I'd just put the cover on each time, don't even cinch it or use the poles, just lay it over the boat.

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