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2014 23 Lsv Rudder Jam

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Hi does anyone have any experience with a rudder Jam when having steering wheel cranked all the way to right , after being in reverse? Found a thread on possible loose bracket where cable mounts in front of rudder by engine mount ( causing steering wheel jam when rudder pulled passed 90 degrees)  but my bracket is tight and appears to be made to swivel , 

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Check to make sure that you don't have too much play at the helm, also. 

You should be able to adjust the rudder throw by moving the cable jacket in or out.  Perhaps someone changed the cable but didn't adjust it correctly, or maybe it has slowly moved over the years. 

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thanks , it appears that there is only the one bracket in front of the rudder, then off to the helm, I was thinking the same that if i adjust the cable jacket back towards the rudder this will limit how far I can pull (right hand turn) which should prevent this binding, the thread / post on rudder jam mentions an aluminum bracket with two bolts that comes loose causing this, my aluminum bracket is mounted to the drivers side stringer by the engine mount (cant see mounting, looks like its moulded into stringer,), , it has one through bolt mounting the cable, which  i did tighten, but it still moves (swivels) to the angle required to line up straight in line through the rudders full range (where adjustments can be made with the large nuts on each side) also noticed at helm only get 1.5 turns to right,  over two full turns to left from center,, steering wheel is centered when rudder in center,,   sorry if im blabbing on, this is my first experience with help forums, nothing worse that reading threads that go off topic,,,, lo l


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I solved the issue , I had to disconnect the cable from rudder, undo mounting bolt that holds cable to aluminum mounting bracket by right engine mount , then spin the bracket around 4 times moving the bracket as close to front of travel it can go( had to loosen the two big jam nuts obviously ) then reassemble , this limited how far cable could pull the  Rudder to right  hand turn and reduced the cable from becoming in line with rudder arm ( 1/2” adjustment reduced angle from 0 degrees in line to maybe 70 degrees when full right hand turn so now the rudder can’t over center itself and jam 

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