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Gauges and misc questions

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Hi Crew- I have a 2003 vlx wakesetter. I’ve never had any engine issues and have only done routine maintenance. Some of my gauges however have not worked in a while and I finally am committing to fixing them. I want to make sure before I start that I’m addressing the right issue. 

1) Fuel gauge usually does not display.  I’m assuming that I just need to replace the fuel sender on top of that tank.  Is there anyway to confirm this before going through the process? The fuel gauge occasionally displays correctly so I think it works fine. 

2) Rpm gauge - stopped working at some point. Is there anyway to tell if the signals correct thus pointing to a bad gauge?  Any other things to check here?

3a) I have a split mph/perfect pass gauge. The mph on the top has never worked (not incredibly important) but is there anything to check here? I’m assuming the gauge is bad but not worth buying new perfect pass since this works. 

3b) Perfect pass portion of the mph gauge works fine except it reads lower MPH than actual. This happened after I put the boat on a friends lift (directly on the paddle wheel). Paddle wheel spins just fine but I’m guessing it’s not spinning as free as new and I should just replace the wheel.  Is this the correct thought process?

4) My rear hatch carpet seems to always be wet. I thought it was the ballast tank or pumps but now I believe it’s leaking through the swim platform bolt holes. Any tips on sealing this?

Thanks in advance!

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1) If it works occasionally, I'd say a wiring issue.  You can test the sender 

2) Assuming it is not the MMDC (>$800 to replace!!), swap the wires on the back of the gauges.  It is probably a failed servo motor in the guage.  Either replace the stepper (PITA) or get a new gauge from PP.

3) COuld be calibration or a bad paddlewheel.  Search for "Airmar paddlewheel"

4) No idea, but I bet you have to practically disassemble the rear end to get to them.


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