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Have 1998 Malibu response. We like to ski, tube and wakeboard. It has the wedge on the back of boat. We want to start surfing also. Anyone have same set up that is surfing also. What is your set up to make it happen. Please help

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In anticipation of this being moved regardless, here's some input from my 99 experience.  

1) Use the Wedge

2) You need bow weight - we use about 3-400 lbs in the front (I cover the open bow with the tonneau JUST IN CASE (LOL) we nose dip.

3) We have two Sumo sacks - about 400 in  each.  One behind the motor box where the rear seat usually goes and the other on the  side being surfed.  We have regular and goofies so it usually means a compromise on side sack placement.

4) Old fat guy (that'd be me!!) on the side being surfed.  I manage the rope and add the necessary extra ballast to the rear corner.  Interestingly, the  port side wake is often better than the driver's side.

5) You have to drive in a bit of circle to accentuate the wake.

6) Surf device (at least the commercial ones ) will not stick to the hull as it is stepped at the back and no room for the suction cups. On my To-do list is making my own with 4 suction cups and extra special delayed convergence.  I just need some time...

All-in-all you can get a very decent surf wake, even if the pocket is a bit small.  My daughter can go until she gets tired.  An artsy shot of my son (Ronix Koalfish; he's about 165 lbs in this shot)




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We used to have a 1998 Sunsetter direct drive.  The rear seat would pull out and you could make a sundeck.  If yours does this then this is how we set ours up (you could also just put the rear sac on the seat). 

800lb fat sac along the back

900lbs fat sacs on either side of the motor compartment (these can be filled or drained to get some tilt on the surf side)

550lb fat sac on top of the ski locker on the floor

550lb V shape fat sac in the bow.  

Mission Delta on the non surf side

We would have three pumps going at once, 1-on the back plug by the motor, 1-from the drivers plug and 1-plug added with battery clips to the battery.  Then leave 2 of the pumps on the 900lbs side sacs so that you can modify them quickly and change sides more efficiently.  

These sacs can be filled or only partially filled depending on number of passengers.  We sometimes would have 8 people in the boat.  Some up in the bow, some on the surf side.  I am 6'0" and about 225lbs.  I was able to surf on this wave and do some beginner cutting/playing.  

Hopefully this helps

Also, be careful when turning back to get the down surfer, wait of the waves to pass by to avoid taking water over the bow.  I would also have the bow riders come out of the bow when not surfing.  Watch the load on the motor while doing this, adjust added weight for extra riders.  

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