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How many fit real world in A20 comfortably?


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I’m super excited to start  negotiating this week for a 2018 new A20.  I’ve learned a ton from this forum and am super grateful. This will be a big upgrade in boat size for me, but still as small they come for  a surf boat. I was wondering what your honest opinion is  on how many people you feel comfortably fit in that boat. It’s rated for 11, but I just don’t see that happening. I have a family of six, so I’d like 8 to fit in a pinch and still enjoy it  

Unfortunately,I have some budget, garage, and tow vehicle restrictions  that limit us to a twenty footer and my current little 19 foot I/O  has run its course and just isn’t as enjoyable as it feels cramped with more than four.  We are ready to upgrade but can’t upgrade too much size wise for a number of years yet. Would the A20 fit the bill and be heavy enough to produce a respectable wave, or should we wait a few years for an A22? I’m open to any last minute suggestion before a sign a check. Thanks in advance.

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I was in same situation a couple years ago. I had a 20 foot glastron I/O. I it took to NC one week and saw some people surfing and was instantly amazed. I had to get a boat to do that. A few months later I bought my 2017 A20. Size wise, its a huge step up from the 20 foot I/O. The layout is just better and it has a wider beam as well. I have a small family of 4, and the most we usually have on is 3-4 adults and 2 kids. It does just fine. Plenty of room. I spent a week at Falls Lake last year with no kids and we had 8 adults all day for 5 days. Was it tight, yeah, but did anyone complain, no. Not at all. And we had all the usual boating stuff. Boards, coolers, bags, and everything. Id say get it. I got my boat, because 1, it was in stock at the dealer, and 2, it was in my budget. Wife wasnt thrilled with me wanting to upgrade from a 15k boat to 65k one. So I took what she was comfortable with. I wasnt going to argue the point too much. Would a bigger boat produce a bigger wave? Yeah, always. But ive been behind bigger surf boats with huge waves. I couldnt do any more on those waves than I can mine. The a20 is perfect size boat for a small crew of people. The surf wave is very good for a 20 footer and the wakeboard wake is way bigger than anything I can ride without fear. I upgraded the factory stereo because it just sucks. I also have 750 pounds bags in the rear lockers and the 400 bow bag. I dont usually fill the rear all the way up, probably like 80 percent. I have the autoset wedge and use it occasionally.Just depends on my mood. Ive gotten great waves with and without it. One thing that is a must on that boat. If you want a great surf wave you will need a alot of bow weight. Like i said, I have the 400 bag that goes under the cushions. I also run 500 in lead bags on top of the seats. If you have some adults on board you can make them sit up there instead. But if your light on people having alot of bow weight makes everything much better. Let me know if you have an specific questions about the a20. Like i said, I have a 2017, and the only major difference in the 17 and 18 was the available option of power wedge 2. If you looking at an 18 then its a dealer boat. Most dealers didnt order a20s with power wedge. Its just an option you dont need on a smaller boat, and only that really makes the price go up. My advice, get the boat. You'll love it. If you find out you need more space, wait a few years and upgrade. 

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You will love the boat and you will have far more fun than your I/O... and it is very wise not to go beyond your garage and tow vehicle limits! I can’t speak to fitting 8 people in the boat but my guess is you will fit much better than you did your IO... so it is a win. 😁

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Exactly what I was looking to hear. Thanks so much. Both A20’s I’m looking at have the auto wedge. I’ve got in an offer, so hopefully this works out. The best part is, looking at the current used market, if I decide  to go bigger in 4-5 years, I will recoup a sizable percentage of my purchase price. 

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We did exactly what you are doing now four years ago.  The jump from the I/O to a A20 is AWESOME!!  As onewake said, the A20 loves bow weight.  We ran our '16 with 550s in the rear (full), all the plug and play, then I had a 650 lb bag on the bow cushion (then that broke) and I bought the 900 lb bag for on the cushions, always ran the wedge (this was the floating style, not the power wedge) and the wave was great.  Ran around 10.5-11.0 mph typically.  People wise 4-6 adults is fine.  It does get a little tight, but when you are surfing who cares.  Or if you have more then you just forgo the bow bag or use lead.  Wake boarding - I am not good enough for any of these boats and just fill the bow bag, drop the wedge and go.  It was plenty big enough.  Don't need to blow out an ACL at this point.  One other thing that I would add is the board makes a huge difference.  We started with the Phase 5 Oogle and it was a great board to learn on.  It is great for the basics, but then you want a faster board.  So then we ended up getting the ones with carbon fiber inlays.  The carbon boards are soooo much faster and hold the push of the wave way better.  You can drop further back (combo of better at surfing & better gear), do cooler things (360s, shuvs, airs) and who doesn't like to have new toys.  We now have four boards and I ride two of them and my wife has her one preferred board and all the newbies get the oogle.


I will end with this, so please be forewarned if you are anything like me.  I thought the A20 was awesome, it will be able to do everything that you want it to do.  And then you will go to the boat show and wonder how much better the bigger boats are.  Then you will test drive them at a local event.  Then you will be signing for a new rig and selling the old one.  These do hold value fairly well, but you will take roughly a 5% hit each year you hold the boat assuming you take good care of it (our actual experience).  Long winded way of saying we now have a '19 A24 (skipped right over the 22 & 23 footers).  Don't get me wrong - we did the A20 for all the same reasons, price, towing, storage, etc.  Now with all of our friends having kids the 11 that the A20 could hold fills up quick.  Too bad that little kids don't count as a half on a passenger count.  The A24 has room for 17.  I will end with the surf wave is INSANE.  I ride the brake the majority of the time and can do huge bottom turns now which I wasn't really able to do with the A20.


Have fun!  You are going to love the jump to the V drive.

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Family of 6 will be no problem at all as long as you can keep gear off the floor in racks or under seats.  My dad has an '01 VLX which has a much narrower beam than the A20 and we regularly have 6 adults aboard with plenty of comfort.  Welcome to the inboard world!  You won't believe you ever got by driving runabouts...  :)

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