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Alarm wire identification

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Can anyone with a factory manual identify what this wire connected to the alarm under the dash is for?  (Purple with black stripe).   It’s been unplugged since I bought the boat.  When I plug it in, it causes the alarm to beep continuously.   All gauges are fine (temp, oil pressure, etc).  I can't post a pic, but it's clearly a purple wire with black stripe going into the small alarm under the dash.

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Just now, formulaben said:

According to my cheat sheet Purple/Black is supposed to be "Ignition Switch Power Key to Lanyard." 


Hmmm...what would cause that to beep then?  I know my 2000 Response used to beep when I turned the key to the “on” position while waiting to fuel pump to prime and gauges to settle before starting.  Then it would go off.    It seems like this RLXi doesn’t beep in the on position (which makes sense becuse it’s unplugged), but when it’s plugged in, I wonder why it won’t stop beeping after starting....hmmm

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From my other cheat sheet:

·       BEEP CODES — the 4 maintenance items that can trigger the beeper are:

  • High engine water temperature (>203*)
  • Low oil pressure (<6 PSI)
  • High transmission temperature (>140?*)
  • A diagnostics trouble code
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If it is indeed the correct wire and it beeps continuously then my guess is the previous owner didn't like the beeping and disconnected it...if that's the case then you've got a trouble code or a bad sensor, but it's not #2, as it wouldn't allow the engine to start with that one bad.

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Well I plugged Diacom diagnostic system in....got a “General Warning #1”.   After some research it could be a couple sensors.  I started with the likely culprit of oil pressure sending unit.  Easy swap right.....NOPE...snapped the brass nipple off.  Now have a broken 1/8” brass nipple stick inside what looks to be a 1/8”x 3/8” steel bushing with is threaded into the block.  Easy enough, just get an extractor and pull it out right?  NOPE!   

It won’t budge...tried heat too...I’m afraid to break the extractor.  

Any other tips ?

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Got the snapped nipple out of the block...what a pain!!!  It did end up being the oil pressure switch.   I swapped one from my old boat and it fired up and ran about 20 min without throwing a code 

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