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How critical is a new prop for my ‘04 VLX


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So I just pulled the rear locker hard tanks (~200lb each) in my 2004 VLX and added the  Wakemakers kits with 910 lb bags in each rear locker. Obviously can’t fill them all the way, but hopefully close. Also have a 750 lb sac under the bow seats that won’t fill completely, maybe ~350 lb. Usually surf wedge down and have a suction cup wake shaper. Boat isn’t in the water yet so I haven’t been able to test it out. I plan on having friends over next weekend and I’m worried about my 537 prop. How critical is a new prop with the added ballast? We’ve all only surfed one season, so we’re not pros by any means. I just don’t want to ruin the weekend by not going ahead and upgrading. Will mine function well enough to evaluate it while surfing over a weekend? Or is an upgrade absolutely necessary now?


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I agree that you will have trouble with the 537. I have the same boat. Started with the 537(gutless), have been using the 1941 for a few years(worked ok), now going with the 2247(15" version of the 1235). I measured the clearance and have enough space o go with a 15". The Acme 1615 I hear is a great prop as well.

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I would upgrade.  It will make the weekend more fun.  Keep the 537 as a spare.  My dad's 06 VLX (newer hull) wouldn't move with the 537 and any extra weight.  The 1235 can be found for pretty cheap at this point.


- Might be a bit much, but the price is good.

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I went through this discussion a few years back. Not the exact same setup as you but some quality insight in the form I posted originally. My gut would say you'd like the 1615 better based on what everyone told me - but if price point is an issue the 1235 should be cheaper and be much better than your current setup

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12 minutes ago, dkscism said:

Thanks for all the advice. I feel like I will inevitably upgrade my prop. My concern is, do I have to immediately or not.  

With only about 350# in the bow with around 750-800# plus wedge in the rear, you will have trouble getting up to 10-12 mph and maintaining it for surfing.  If you want to use the 537, you will need another 350# at least in the bow to bring the nose down to help that prop out.  Without the wedge, the 537 might work for the weekend. 

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