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Impeller Housing leak

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Dropped the boat in this weekend and noticed a very slow drip from the back side of the impeller housing.  It looks like it's originating from right around the shaft/housing interface.  I'm not familiar with the design, but it appears there's an o-ring?  I had a new impeller installed in the fall during winterization.  

Does it sound like I need to replace the entire impeller housing?  It's such a slow drip that I'm not overly concerned and I'm surprised I even noticed it, but I don't want to keep running it if it could suddenly get worse and overheat the motor.

I have a 2006 Moomba with Indmar 5.7L, V-drive.  

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I had this happen to me a few years back.  My memory is fuzzy but at the time I did look into replacing just the gasket or o-ring at the back of the housing.  I probably should have just done that but I recall it needed to be press fit or something and I didn't want to risk not being able to do it and having to wait longer to get the whole new housing in the event that I couldn't get that gasket it.  Long story short I bought the whole housing and just installed it.

Hindsight I probably could have saved some bucks if I just replaced the gasket.  I think whatever you do you probably have to take off the impeller housing from the motor in order to rebuild it so that's another reason I just bought a whole new housing.

PS.  When I phoned my dealer to let them know I had a drip they said replace right away as it will just get worse or the seal will fail completely.  Of course that will happen at the most inconvenient time!

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You can rebuild the pump, parts with new impeller run about $50, just need the right tools.  Lots of videos online to rebuild.  If you have enough room you might be able to just replace the oring without removing the whole pump. You can also buy a new pump for around $150. Buy a new pump and rebuild your old one and have a spare. Once they start leaking it just gets worse. 

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Seems like I posted the seal number here somewhere a year or so ago.  Simple to change.  I bought about a dozen of them from theoringstore.com.

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Is the leak coming from the shaft or from the impeller housing?  You made reference to two different parts.

Impeller housing leak is probably due to the gasket.  Either improperly installed or needs to be replaced.  Check the bolts as well.

If it's the shaft entry as you say, is it the packing gland that is dripping slowly?

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Thanks all.  Strangely enough, when I glanced at it again yesterday it was completely dry and the leak was gone.  Not a hint of water anywhere.  I guess I will just keep an eye on it. 

@saxton15 the leak/drip was coming from between the shaft and the impeller housing.  The gasket on the front side of the housing (side that impeller is installed from) is fine and not leaking.  Are you saying that there should be a slow drip on the back of the impeller housing by design, or are you referring to the drive shaft packing gland?

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There should be no water coming from the back side or front side of the raw water pump. The post above was referring to the prop shaft, which depending on your packing will drip water, which is normal unless you have a dripless system. 

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