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Trailering '19 23LSV with G3.5 Tower

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What is the best way to trailer the 23LSV to reduce any damage from rocks or road debris hitting the boat hull, etc?

Anyone ever trailer with the cover on?

Is there anyway to trailer with the 3.5 tower down?



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G3.5 tower is not designed to be towed down.

People do trailer with the cover on, I try not to just because I don't like putting the stress on the cover. I'd suggest wrapping the boat in heavy duty plastic wrap to protect the gel from any potential hazing/scratches.

Picking up a set of rock tamers is a good idea for protecting the boat and trailer. They mount to your hitch of your tow vehicle. They are pricey, but nice. There are also other options out there that are cheaper and similar. You can also look at putting clear bra on the trailer to protect the paint. Many people wrap the tower and speakers in heavy plastic wrap for long trips.

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I towed my 2008 23LSV with a custom Bakes cover and it always did great (much thicker and softer than the factory CS cover.)  I can't imagine towing long distances without a cover on (I live in the Pacific Northwest... so chances are I will be towing in the rain at some point in the journey even in the summer.)  The Bakes covers have little "hooks" that grab the rub rail and sometimes those would come off which allowed them to rub the gelcoat a little (they are soft, so it was more of a "dulling" rub that just buffed right out.  I started just putting blue painters tape on the 2"x2" spot where it could rub for longer trips.  But other than that the cover was awesome.  I imagine Evo covers are about the same for towing. 

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I always tow with the cover on (distances longer that 50 miles). I can't imagine towing any other way. Who knows what debris could hit the windshield or fly into the boat. I haven't done anything yet to protect the bottom bow of the boat, but several years back I an air pocket popped open after towing a long distance. It was covered under warranty, but who knows if it was rock damage or an actually air pocket.  

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I probably tow around 7000 miles/year.  I am a 100% "cover on" guy.  Yes it might rub a little (that will buff out), but I can't imagine cleaning the interior of the boat after a 500 mile tow, plus I'd be worried about losing carpet, boards, seats, and the like.

I am going into my 5th season with my boat.  At the end of every past season I have had to take the cover into an upholstery shop and have some things restitched.  I picked up a used Evo cover last year, so I will give that a try on our next outing.

Both my truck and my Yukon have mud flaps, but the trailer does still get rock chips.  Being black doesn't help.  Fortunately I haven't seen anything on the hull.


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Thanks all!!

I think i can conclude it makes sense best to trailer cover on if traveling long distance. probably can get some adhesive/cling shrink wrap to cover front of hull while transporting at beginning/end of season.

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18 hours ago, weekender said:

Thanks all!!

I think i can conclude it makes sense best to trailer cover on if traveling long distance. probably can get some adhesive/cling shrink wrap to cover front of hull while transporting at beginning/end of season.

It’s smart fir weekend daily towing as well, there is  always dirt coming in or something possibly flying out,  

get caught in one rain shower 35-65 mph and enjoy the task of cleaning your boat, dirt is everywhere snd the boat is soaked to boot, my Axis seats take days and weeks in the sun tilted to drain all of the water snd that’s with squeezing the bottom corner of the tilt regularly to get the accumulated water out

But white boats like mine really don’t show scuff marks unless you look for them 

as @RyanB stated , I make an annual visit if not more for maintenance on the CS cover to the canvas shop, they give me same day service if I call snd make advance arrangements , use the CS until you can get an evo cover or other that won’t scuff, CS could be your dust cover when in garage or carport, EVO for outside rain or traveling , will keep both cleaner

i use a blower before every time I unwrap boat , and cover no longer can get its underside or the boat dirty removing cover snd this will happen contaminating the inside of cover if you roll it or dirt just falls in your boat unwrapping it

 I’m under carport so I get lots of pollen and debris blowing in each week 

The clean cover can go in my back seat of truck for safe keeping and keeping it dry when boat on water and if it rains while we’re out there.  If I didn’t blow it off it would start getting truck dirty on inside 

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