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Rope clip for cover...


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I'm gearing up to sell my Surpa. (87 Comp). 
I had a "custom" cover made last year but I never got the rope cut to go around the tower legs. 
I have nice cutout with velcro to go around the legs, but nothing to re-attach the rope. So the rope is still one piece. 
Basically those nylon strap buckles but for rope. I've been searching for a few days and can't seem to locate anything! 

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00H8B4RYY?aaxitk=SOaPb8Gh6tddgd.NvX1coA&pd_rd_i=B00H8B4RYY&pf_rd_p=3fade48a-e699-4c96-bf08-bb772ac0e242&hsa_cr_id=5191166930701&sb-ci-n=productDescription&sb-ci-v=PARACORD PLANET 3%2F8" Contoured Side Release Buckles In Including Neon%2C Clear (Transparent)%2C and Glow In Dark - Choose from 5%2C 10%2C 20 Pack Sizes (Over 30 Colors to Choose from)

I can't seem to some up with anything that will work nicely. I want it to be quick and easy connect and disconnect. No knots or anything and strong enough to hold when you tighten down the cover. 




Maybe just this one, but cut the center part out where the nylon strap would hold and tie it off. 

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Get some nylon loops sewn onto both ends of the clips. That way you can attach the ropes to the nylon loops with what ever aesthetically pleasing knot you like. Or depending on the rope used you could have the loops sewn onto the rope as well and not worry about the knots. :) 

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You're over-thinking it. Cut the rope, tie a loop in one end and get a plastic carabiner to tie in a loop on the other end. If you want it to look fancy, put some heat-shrink tubing over the knot. 

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My boat's PO  just did a clasp like you'd find on a dog leash and a metal ring on the other side just tied on.  When they modified the cover, they put in an extra panel that velcros up to hold the connection, and keep it off the gel (so there's only one connection per side as opposed to the two per side that are common on a 4-point tower).

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