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MXZ 15 vs. T22 18

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Looking at a 15MXZ and an 18 T22. Price for both is the same. Looks like some more glitz and glamour on the Malibu but for the newer year, warranty and fewer hours is there some major reason NOT to go with the Axis??  It has power wedge and similar upgrades surf platform etc..so I feel like I am missing something. Is Malibu really worth the significant price difference??

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The Malibu trim is much better than the Axis, but you're still going to have an amazing both either way.

Just better materials being used to accentuate the Malibus. Better vinyl for example, or the seadeck vs gatorstep between brands for the flooring or decking. 

The biggest difference is probably going to be the dash. No dials on the Malibus anymore all screen interface. The Axis still has gauges and the Malibu is all digital screen display. 

Both will be able to throw a great wake, so it's about what you're looking for so if warranty = security to you, then boom. there ya go.  I like the Lincoln vs. Ford analogies or similar. both get the job done.  


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How are you planning to use the boat? I’m assuming it’s a 22 MXZ? If you primarily surf, I would personally lean toward the T22 as it will be the better surf boat of these two. 

2017+ MXZ’s are great surf boats after the redesign that year, if one of those comes into play for you. 

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One other thing to factor in is warranty. The T22 will have about four years left is being sold used and five years from the time of sale if sold new. The mxz will have a year at best. 

As @NWBU said, the T22 will surf much better. Some other things to factor is the T22 will have more cabin space, as the mxz will hav emote bow space. It’s very easy to dip the bow of that year mxz though. 

The 2018 Axis vinyl and foam is right on or with what Malibu used. A 2018 Axis is much nicer then the early years and the biggest differences is the bling between Malibu and Axis.

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Defenitely no major reason to avoid the Axis. 2015 mxz was a better wakeboard boat than it was a surf boat. T22 will surf better and I would guess wakeboard close to as good as the prior generation mxz. With the power wedge and the warranty, I’d be hard pressed not to go for the T22

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