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Build my own seat cushions ? your opinion


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Hello my 2006 malibu 247 is missing about 5 cushion seats  , im wondering if anyone on here has made custom seats for their boat ? my friend has same exact boat and he will be redoing his interior and i was thinking of making some molds and use his original seats to come up with a solution ? let me know what you guys think and if this is possible to make it look like original or at least close to that thanks for your time .

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Should be fairly easy. I have had to replace all of my seat bases in my 02 from them breaking or cracking.

We used 1/2" HDPE for the base all you would have to do is get the correct foam for the seat and cut to match the correct shape. 

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A little time consuming but doable. The biggest thing is the foam shape to fill the covers. As cowwboy stated, a good HDPE panel like King Starboard or the like for a backing. Get some closed cell foam and cut to size. A friend of mine used to make motorcycle seats and he would shape the foam using an electric knife and a small sanding disk on a mini-router. It was pretty slick how fast he could shape them.

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On 2/22/2019 at 7:06 PM, adam911 said:

@cowwboy @Falko hey guys thanks for your respond I will Give it a try , where can i find this HDPE plastic piece ? hardware stores ? i need to make 5 cushions which is alot of material haha thanks in advance 

I've bought a lot of HDPE on ebay. I usually get someone else's scrap after they've burnt 2/3 a sheet on a bigger project. You can get three or four pieces to do you project for much less than buying a full sheet. But you can also just find full sheets on there, but shipping is a big hit. As formulaben stated, 1/2" is a good size. I did a couple seat on a boat (many hulls ago) and used 3/4" which turned those seats into anchors, too heavy.

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