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All Electric F150


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So it looks like the F150 will be available as an EV in the next couple of years, 2020...


As EV platforms enter the truck and big SUV tow vehicles, folks on TMC must know more than the guy who wrote this article.  

What should we be looking for?

Is the high end ICE SUV you buy in 2019 worthless in 2025?

Do diesels become obsolete since a EV F150 is all torque, all on, at start up?

What do folks know about the range of the EV trucks?



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There was a great article in the Wall Street Journal outlining what many in my industry see happening - gas prices will remain low and diesel will continue to get pricier.   There were a few months in 2018 where refiners were actually losing money on gasoline, but kept producing it as they wanted the diesel.  

The marine (ocean going) market is likely going to have to start running clean diesel as early as 2020, which will increase diesel demand and keep driving prices up.  

If gas truly does stay cheap, I see that making EV's slower to really become mainstream.   I highly doubt you will see ICE vehicles worthless as soon as 2025.   There is still ton of infrastructure left to build out to make EV's mainstream.  I don't know what the range of the F150 is predicted to be, but doubt many of us want to find a charger site and sit for an hour or better to charge when headed for a family lake trip.   


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Electric trucks will be awesome, but I'm not a first adopter, partly because I don't like writing the checks in order to have something first, and also...I like when the first adopters deal with the headaches so we all get a better product.  

An electric F150 will be freaking fantastic.  For my uses, I really look forward to it.  I dont do a lot of long distance driving - 300-500 miles in a day is plenty for me.  When we do road trips I like stopping and getting a good meal and stretching my legs, generally 30+ minutes.  Did a long trip in a buddy's Tesla and I barely noticed the two stops we made to charge along the way.     

Electric trucks are likely to have a great range, I would think.  The semi trucks coming onto the market sure do.  Every generation of EV has better range and more power than before, and battery technology is developing at a rapid pace.  

I personally think that when EV trucks come out, the performance is going to shock people and be hard to ignore.  I relish the day I can tow my boat with an electric.  

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Until electrics can get better range AND/OR (and preferably "and") quick + easy to access recharging options, it will never work well for anyone taking long trips.

The main purpose of my truck is a couple long trips a year and one long tow.  Electric would never work.  

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