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Ballast Pumps Frozen?


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On my 2007 VTX, both the fill and drain ballast pumps for the middle tank don't work. The switch on the dash lights up when I try turning them on. I've pulled the cartridges on both and the blue impeller (Piranha 800's) won't turn freely, they're frozen. So I'm assuming that's a pretty good indication that the pumps are toast and need replacement?  I do find it odd that it's both the pumps for the same tank. Guess that's just how the cookie crumbles.



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And they weren't popping the fuse underneath the helm when you turned those on/off?  Interesting, but one of my pumps was frozen like yours when I purchased my boat last year and I took it apart as much as I could and kept shooting some lube in the spindle.  Finally it freed up and no problem since.

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Take them back out and spray PB blaster or something along that line and let the sit for 30 minutes or do and he try to turn the impeller by hand. Most likely cause is water tends to build up more in the mid tank area of these boats and if it gets high enough these pumps are sometimes sitting in water. If the lower shaft seal goes bad then water gets up inside the electric motor compartment and can dhortit out or just corrode everything. If pb blaster or similar does not work, just replace the cartridge. It’s plug & play simple. All the best!

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So I got one of them going, simply by applying some lubricant oil and a few taps from the screwdriver. The other is still stuck. I'll try the PB Blaster. Thanks!

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Well even with the PB Blaster I couldn't get the second pump going, just won't budge. So I ordered a new cartridge. At least I got one going. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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I've had 2 pumps go out on me over the years.  I keep a new replacement cartridge in my spare prop bag in the boat and another in my garage so I'm not waiting on shipping if another goes out.  My luck one will freeze up on a vacation weekend at the cabin and be a royal PITA if I didon't keep a spare in the boat.  They aren't that expensive and worth having at least one spare imo.

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