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Lsa block drain plugs?

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I’m attempting to winterize my new to me lsa, and am struggling to find the block drains with knock sensors in.... I think that the block drain on the port side is the shower hot water feed, and the starboard side has a small hose connected to it (similar to the oil drain hose) running up behind the alternator. Hoping someone can confirm that these are the drains to make sure I’m not missing anything. Also does anyone know what side the water drain Allen head bolt is on the front of the Indmar-vee drive is? Looks like I’m going to have to cut a wrench down to fit between the fuel tank and drive.

Thanks for the help.

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It's been a while since I had my LSA in my 2014, but it's a bear to winterize and there's not a lot of info out there.  

Make sure to get...

the V-drive, plugs on both sides, impeller, another hose 1/2 up on the port side towards the back, and there's another hose that I undid.  I'm sorry that I'm not more help.  Honestly, I just started tracing all the water lines and undid a bunch of them just to be safe.  The LSA isn't cheap!  

Needless to say, I winterized it one year and had the dealer do it the other 2 years I owned it.  It just wasn't worth the $200.  I changed the oil and tranny fluid ($300ish), but winterizing was a pain and there isn't a lot of space to get at everything.

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Yeah, I have chased all the lines around and got all the water out of the lines/oil heat exchanger/ supercharger heat exchanger/shower/heater. But the block lines aren’t anything like they state in the manual, I’m pretty sure that indmar hooked the shower intake to one drain, and extended the other to make access easier. But I just wanted to get a confirmation on that fact. The knock sensors are just tapped into the block with a 1/2” bolt, unlike the manual explains. The v-drive just has the one plug on the front, but it’s super tight to the fuel tank, hoping someone knew the key size so I don’t have to start cutting all my Allen keys up untill I get the right one lol. The “local” dealer is a 5hr drive away 😬, thanks for the insight. 

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Hey Jaret.  Now that it's 2020 and you have been through a season or 2, you may have figured the LSA winterization out?  I just purchased a used 2012 LSA and I've pretty much done the same as you and followed all the different lines, disconnected and drained them.  The V-drive has plugs on each side below the water inlet and outlet, but getting to them is as difficult as trying to get to the other drain plug on the front where the fuel tank is so f***ing tight no normal Allen key could get to it. :Frustrated: As for the block, I cannot find the block plugs at all.  Starting to get worried as I'm in Canada and probably have about a week or 10 days before we go below zero degrees Celsius or in your world 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

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KRS, any luck on drain plugs? I have same engine and I am struggling to find them! Any help is very much appreciated!

Ok looks like indmar has updated manual online for LSA. There is a drain hose on each side with a brass cap. I screwed both off and used air compressor chuck fitting which screws right on and blew it out. Ran rv antifreeze in it and blew out again. done. Now to drain the V drive with zero space for allen wrench between gas tank and drive. wtf Malibu! put a hex head on it!


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