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2015 A22 - ballast for surfing recommendations

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I just recently purchased a 2015 A22 ( loving it)  and looking for guidance on dialing in the ballast for surfing.  The boat has 650s in the lockers, and 700 under the bow that doesn't fill all the way.  We surf 95% of the time and learning to ride rope less. ( we are newbs!)   I am 6'2 165lbs and can only seem to ride rope less right off the platform. If I try to ride anywhere else I have no push. I am sure a lot of this is still the learning curve but want make sure i have my boat dialed in, so I can then work on myself. 

I typically ride with 4-5 people everything full including wedge down at 11.4-11.6 MPH. I did get a GPS and realized my speed was off by 1MPH before dialing it back in.  So now the speedo is accurate and we are pull from 11-11.6MPH. running the 2313 prop at 800 feet elevation. I have noticed with  this set up it runs really bow high without putting someone up front and even still with them up front it still rides high which seems to be a characteristic of this hull.  

What is the best weight combination to run in this boat for surfing? I have crawled all over the forums and still trying to figure it out. I have no problem buying steel bags, or other ballast bags but had rather ask someone that figured it out instead of throwing money at it all summer trying to figure it out. 

Thank you in advance for any guidance. 

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Buy more lead for the nose , I run 950 mushroom in a20 filled more than 700, plus lead or on cushion sacs ranging from 250 with no crowd to 450 with a crowd plus listing wth people in cabin and lead in bow and/or opposite rear sacs not filled as much, 850’s rear 

witn your crowd i would keep the rear weight and use the people and lead to create a list

3things lengthen the wave , nose weight, listing , and your already surfing faster

all three snd it will be long, tall and pushy from way back

then learn how to surf with your posture closed to the wave surfing your curl

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I had your exact boat. I was able to surf 15ft back at 210 lbs. Keep practicing. 

750s in rear burped full.

950 horseshoe sac in bow 

Hards full, 


Also ran a 400lb sac in walkway near bow. 

All that with 4 crew made a great wave.

I generally didn't run the wedge, but if I wanted a little more, I did.

If I still had the boat, I would prolly add lead.  The A22 likes to be sunk.  I also had your same prop. I really liked that boat.

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thanks for the info! I am going to pick up a center bag this week and some lead. we have been playing with speed looking for the right combo. I am looking for the wave to start and curl correct? Which it starts doing around 10.8 MPH. we have been riding from 10.8 -11.6 and confirmed with Garmin GPS. As mentioned above when we checked the speed with the garmin i was just below 1MPH slow on my gauges than actual speed.  

That being said the new interior on the Axis is awesome, may want to upgrade already! 

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