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Boat came to sudden stop help!

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Hey everybody not sure what to do, 2011 lsv and 3 times now while cruising and pulling somebody boarding the boat has went from cruise to a complete stop. No warning, no faults nothing and has no rhyme or reason. Anybody have any ideas on what could cause this? It's such a scary and dangerous thing because of having a follow bost and throwing everybody on board forward. 

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There was once the motor shut off the other times the engine was still running but it just took all throttle away once I went to neutral and gave it gas again it was fine. It's very strange 

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Are you using a paddlewheel or GPS?  I had that happen once or twice using GPS.  What happened was the GPS lost signal (controller was bad) and showed my speed much higher than actual, which backed the throttle down to the point I wasn't moving (and then the cruse shutoff because I wasn't moving)

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No over-revving of the engine like something is slipping or noises to go along with it?  Just total loss of acceleration?  Still in gear and idling?  I'd start looking at your throttle position sensors on the throttle itself and make sure nothing is loose back there.  Seems like it is losing signal, but it is hard to tell for sure as we don't have a lot of information.  Might be best to try to really describe the situation in detail. 

"We were going this fast pulling a skier with cruise engaged......."

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Okay sorry for the short info, I'll do my best to describe exactly what happened. So we were pulling a wakeboarder at 21 with cruise engaged, and it happened one time while surfing as well at 9.8 no slipping, no abnormal sound,  no alarm, no heads up at all the boat just stopped suddenly with no rhyme or reason to why that I have been able to figure out. The throttle was still engaged where it was to get the boat to cruising speed. 2 times this happened the engine shut off. 2 times this happened the boat was still running not in gear just at idle. I backed the throttle off to neutral position and hammered down cruise control set and never happened again. It's very very very intermittent which also makes for a very hard troubleshoot. I am using the factory malicruise on 2011 lsv so I dont know if that is a GPS or paddlewheel based cruise system. Any other questions you guys have fire away I'll do my best to answer nobody I have talked to has any kind of explanation of what could cause this so far. I ran into the boat surfing the last time it did it and we almost dunked the bow hard because of the sudden stop 

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Ok.  You need to check your connections at the back of your throttle control and at your transmission.  It shouldn't slip out of gear, even with a cruise or throttle issue.  I say all of this assuming that you have throttle by wire, but a manual transmission cable.  I can't keep all the years straight.

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If it was slipping out of gear wouldn't the engine stay revved due to the throttle still being at 70 (guessing) %?  The whole thing doesmt make sense to me I was thinking it would be something to do with the cruise but I put of my element here on this one. I will check all connections when I get home at the trans. Thanks for the help i really appreciate it 

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I don't think you guys get it. It came to a sudden stop. Killing the throttle doesn't make it stop suddenly.

Maybe he hit a shallow spot? Or a lake monster grabbed it lol

How fast does a wedge stop the boat if it's deployed to max wedge, from the stowed position, while under way?

Is this an april fools joke?

Are there floating logs in your lake?

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I hear ya, but I think sudden stop is relative.  These boats will slow pretty much immediately if you bring the throttle down to nothing.  They don't glide across the water like I/O's do

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The wedge didnt move any either it stayed in the same position (2 clicks up wakeboarding half way for surfing) the throttle control also did not move at all. And like I said 2 times engine stalled 2 times it stayed running. The person that said GPS was lost would make sense but I'm not sure if that year is GPS or paddle wheel. If its paddle wheel could that be messing up? We were out for 4 hours today with no issue. It does not happen everytime and has done it on different lakes so it's not the shallow theory either. What makes it even more weird is there is no alarm or anything it just stoppes without any kind of rhyme or reason 

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2011 is drive by wire. Definately start with your battery, a loose connection there has all kinds of strange symptoms. Most 2011 boats are paddlewheel driven, but loss of signal from it will usually cause engine reving, not loss of power. If its a gps based one, it acts wierd when it loses gps, but doesn't just stop. 

Have you had this issue when not using cruise? I would look to your throttle position sensor first, sounds like it is losing that input there.

Any flickering of the malivue when all this is happening?

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