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wedge moving up message 2006 Vride

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So I recently purchased a 2006 Vride and have put a few hours on it.  finding some issues here and there and getting stuff fixed up to my liking.  a new issue that is popping up, is that the main display displays something like "power wedge is moving up" and it also beeps almost everytime on startup.  I'm guessing there is some sort of wiring short issue, but don't really know where to begin.  This boat is also NOT equipped with a power wedge.  any ideas on where to start? 


I'm fairly handy with everything.  Which reminds me, if anyone doesn't know what a power probe is, they are very awesome for electrical trouble shooting!!!  

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That's funny, I dealt with this today troubleshooting my power wedge being stuck down. 

It is most like just this feature on your boat's lcd screen if you hit the right up arrow up then -  service > power wedge > change to n/a 

If it is set to present then it is always looking for it, so it must think it needs to go up when it doesn't exist. 

Super annoying for sure but start there, should do it. 

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