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2013 VTX Monsoon 350 Transmission Slip or Electrical Issu

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Had a pucker moment this evening when I had what was either a slip of the transmission or some sort of electrical issue.  I've never had a problem with this boat, but this evening I was pulling a surfer  and my transmission  seemed to disengage and reengage.  I immediately stopped and set up for another pull.  The next pull went fine.  The one after however I had the same issue again.   

Both myself and a friend who is relatively knowledgeable about vehicles assessed it as feeling like the transmission went to neutral and then shifted back into gear.  So my initial feeling was that it was an electrical or computer fault since I believe the boat throttle is drive by wire.  However, I don't really know what a slip of the transmission would feel like.  

Checked transmission fluid at the time it happend and while still hot when I got home and both times the stick showed fluid at or right above the 2nd line (top) when screwed in (I have always been unclear if the level should be checked screwed in or not).  This was the first year that I did tranny fluid myself but I put in pretty much exactly what I got out and the dip stick readings before and after were comparable.  

In addition, I ran under load a few more times without a rider and did not experience this again.  I then had a 10 min run back to the dock without ballast and it was smooth sailing.

Any ideas of what I may have experienced of if I have stumbled into a known issue?  I've done some searching and can't find much in regards to transmission failures in this era.


On a side note, I'm concerned that my boat may have become sentient.  I have been seriously considering moving up to a T23 or LSV to hold my larger family and growing stock of friends' kids.  I had a discussion with my buddy tonight about it and showed him some pictures and info from the dealer.  90 min later, my transmission started acting up.  I'm afraid I've hurt her feelings... this may be the most likely source of my problems.

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 Anytime I've ever had a transmission slip, it is because of the fluid level being a little low. Given that you have checked the level twice, I'm at a loss as to what is really going on.  Maybe your boat really is sentient.


Edit - did you check the v-drive fluid levels?  It could be slipping there due to low levels.

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I checked both, but I guess I'm not all that confident with the procedure.  I.e., is the level checked with the dip stick screwed in?  Does the engine need to be running like when you check a car transmission?


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On 7/7/2018 at 8:23 AM, oldjeep said:

Level check is with dipstick not screwed in and not running. 

Thanks.  That could be the issue then.  Perhaps this is solved then.  If that's the correct level measure then the fluid just barely touches the bottom of the stick.

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