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Do you tip at the fuel dock?

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90% of my fillups this summer will be on the water. For those of you that use fuel docks regularly what’s proper etiquette? How much do you tip? Or do you? I can see both sides, on one hand they have guys there to assist. On the other hand, I’m already paying a premium as prices are about $2 more per gallon... 

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We always do. Like Ronnie said, they are mostly high school kids and at the docks we stop at on St Clair or other big lakes around here they help you tie up and fuel so it’s the least you can do. 

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6 hours ago, Ronnie said:

I tip them $5 every time, no matter how much fuel I get. They know me when I pull in and they race each other to get me fueled up. I've seen them ignore other boats to get mine filled up. They are mostly high school kids and they appreciate the tips.

Really?  I feel like a heel now.  They routinely refused my tips a few years ago and Rick said nope.  Tip at the register.  So that's what I've been doing.

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Agreed on always tipping, they make most of their money in tips and usually are very helpful. They help with tieing up, fill up the boat and run inside to run my card if not using cash so I don't even have to get out of the drivers seat, they fetch bags of ice if needed, even had help filling up inflatables before.  

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In CA every fuel dock I have ever been to is fill 'er up yourself.  Half time there is nobody even around to turn on pump.  You need to walk in the store to get some help.

If I ever do recieve good service from a marina employee I would have no problem tipping someone going out of there way to help.

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5 minutes ago, FSSPCat said:

We are lucky enough to have a private pump..... so no lol. Unless a buddy pumps, then they may get a beer. 

Ours is gravity feed and my buddies and kids never coil the hose right, so I do it.  Still better and a lot less expensive than the marina - which has a monopoly.

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1 hour ago, Slurpee said:

Really?  I feel like a heel now.  They routinely refused my tips a few years ago and Rick said nope.  Tip at the register.  So that's what I've been doing.

I've done it for years, Rick has never been in the equation. It's me and them. The girls inside get a lot more tips from the dinners. They may combine all the tips so the buses get some as well. I'll still tip the gas kids.

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Tips at the marinas on Coeur d'Alene are pretty rare. Usually only when the boat is being launched or picked up. Or when some random or emergency work is being done. Almost never when just filling up.

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Wow, I had never thought of it.  Sheesh, with the $1/gallon premium the marina charges, I figure they are making plenty of money, anyway.  Guess perhaps I need to reconsider.

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A lot of that fuel premium is going to insurance and licensing fees for water front fuel.

Most places I've fueled make you fill yourself. There is a guy there but they don't want the liability of spilling fuel on your boat. IF they are nice and seem to want to be there, I'll tip. 

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Same as Ronnie.  I always tip $5.   To me, it's all part of the fuel charge just like the fish food I have to buy the kids every time we stop.

If you go to a nice steakhouse, do you not tip the waitress because the establishment is charging $50+ for a steak?  Unless it's a small family owned marina, the owners aren't the ones catching boats on the gas dock.  Marinas aren't buying gas at the same price point as land based facilities.

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If u drive a Malibu please tip.. don't ruin our brand! Last thing we need is the kids at the dock who admire our boats and may be future owners thinking Malibu boats are owned only by cheap non tipping pricks.. 

U non tipping folk must be from Jersey ;) how those poor youngsters going to make a living and buy a Malibu in a few years? 

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