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2017 LSV 23 Wave Questions


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We have about 10 hours on our 2017 LSV 23.  We added the larger Wakemakers PNP bags to the rear.  We can get a really massive wave with all hard tanks full and bags halfway full.  It is tall, but not very long.  I have experimented with speeds from 10.5 to 11.5 and the wave never gets as long as you see in the Malibu videos.  I have put about 500 pounds in the nose as well, which helps with bowrise, but didn't seem to change the length of the wave.  Wedge didn't seem to do much either.  Any suggestions to get a longer wave?

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I agree that more wedge will bring the nose up and that tends to shorten the wave (but gives more of a lip b/c the face gets steeper). 

I like bow weight (even on the '18) as it tends to bring the size and length.  Still tweaking but that's been my experience.  YMMV.

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as @teamerickson stated, the wedge position will greatly influence the wave. I run mine all the way down up to 3 clicks up depending on riders.. My slowest speed is 10.8 and for me at 11.8 - 12.4...  Along with wedge position, try increasing your speed some more.

I also have the majority of my movable ballast (people) sit on the surf side... 

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I was out yesterday with 9 adults in my 2017 LSV, I ran all hard tanks, rear bags 300ish lbs, two people in bow, 10.8, wedge 2-3 clicks and we surfed all day.  Fun wave, nice transition.  Was it a 1%er wave...no...but easy to dial in, easy wake transfers, riding pocket, etc....

I am not sure there is much more you can do.  The LSV will reach it's capabilities at some point.  You can reduce weight, lower wedge to 1 position and speed up to lengthen pocket but you sacrafice push and height.

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I tried every wedge position but still couldn't seem to get it to get long like some of the photos and videos.  My MB had a great wave, but it also wasn't the longest wave.  I was hoping to get much further back on the wave with this boat.

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We weighted our '17 23LSV (and our '16 was the same) similar to yours and had a very long wave.

All factory ballast full

Wakemakers PnP bags full in lockers

650 Sumo bag in bow (I have changed to a Sumo 500 in the walk way for the '18 now, I think the boat carries it better)

10.6 to 11.0 mph

Wedge up 2-3 clicks up from Ramp


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