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New alternator

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Took the boat out for a shake down run yesterday to get ready for the summer. I had the batteries on a smart charger all winter but one of them was dead.  Also was having issues with it barely starting even after running for 20 minutes. It was as if the alternator was not charging, or charging very slow. I measured the batteries while running the alternator was at about 12.9v, which is to low. 

So, my question what alternator should I get? I was thinking about going a little bigger on amperage. Is it worth it?

Do I really need to get a Marine alternator or can I get a alternator from a pickup? 

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18 minutes ago, twitchee2 said:

I measured the batteries while running the alternator was at about 12.9v, which is to low

This is basically battery voltage

Did you test at the back of the alternator to make sure the supply cable is good and field wire (if applicable) has voltage? 

Yes, you need a marine alternator.  

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Well i just had an issue with an alternator on my truck, it was much lower voltage, in the 12.1-12.8v range.  New one with no load was 14.2, which right where i expected it with no load.  Under load it would to drop to 13.3-13.5.

My boat alternator was at 13.6 with no load and would dip down to 12.8-12.9 under load with only the blower fan on.  Just want to play it safe to be honest. What alternator would you recommend? I was looking on Skidm and Bakes but I want to shop around to try and find one for cheaper. Did not want to spend $300 on an alternator, but it may just be what it is.


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Looks like I didn't search hard enough. I found https://www.dbelectrical.com/, looks like that's where I will be ordering parts.

To hopefully help someone else out in the future - I found out marine alternators are ignition proof to prevent fires.  Makes perfect sense and it is required by Law as well. 

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I am having trouble finding the information I need for this, maybe someone here can help out. My boat currently has this 51 amp alternator on it: https://www.dbelectrical.com/products/alternator-marine-motorola-many-older-models-110-223-110-272.html

I would like the install this 95amp Alternator on it:https://www.dbelectrical.com/products/indmar-marine-alternator-8600002-20827-11si-95-amp.html

Physically mounting it should not be an issue,swapping the pulley is no issue I will run a much larger charge cable to account for the high power. What I do not know about is the control wiring.  The newer alternator appears to have some sort of automotive style connector on it. Do any of you know where to get the information to convert to this alternator?


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@twitchee2:  Pretty sure the connector would be what is called a 'weather pack' connector, made by Delco.  Should be able to match up at a good auto parts store, it will be a connector with a rubber gasket / ring to seal out moisture.  You can get the parts to make it yourself or probably also with pigtails attached.




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