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does anyone have a 247lsv with surfgate


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looking for someone with a 247 lsv with factory surfgate that would not mind taking some measurements and pictures of how the platform and gates are mounted




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I have an 07 247 that I mounted surfgates on.

i am on gen3 of my gates. I made round 1 stock ... then last year I oversized them to be more like the m235 and I have tweaked them this year again.

i have a perfect set up now. The wakes were great before but this is making them better.

stock gates were a little small for the size of boat and ballast I am running (5k total).

235s have huge gates ... so I mocked my 2nd gen out of plywood and oversized them ... over 1.5” taller and 1.25 longer ...

what I found? 1” taller is good balance for wake vs ht over swim platform. I shortened the length to 3/4 longer over stock. Reason .... the off side gate was digging into water and you could see the “line” in the water crossing to the other wake when surfing, so I think having it a little longer but not as much as I had last year cleans up the wake really well.

i can get you my measurements when I get my boat back from my dealer (getting seadek installed)

hope this helped a little?

pm me and I can send a few pics. I am working on a wake garage project description of all of this.

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Ken,  go to wakegarage.com and see the completed project i just did on my 247.  Rugger on this site as well as wake garage can help as well.  I can give you some measurements if needed from the ones I made.



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so I copied the gates from a 13 23lsv and then made them 1" longer and 1" taller just tried them out for the first time this weekend they seem to work good and don't interfere with anything but i was trying a new board and now with the gates and the wave looks bigger and everything but does not seem to have the push that my listed wave had not sure if the gates are angling out too far or what may be causing it does anyone know what angle is the optimum to have the gates sticking out





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What ballast are you running?

in my 07 247 I run full stock (1350ish) plus 2x900-950 in back corners, plus 750 on floor (over main tank) and another 750 in bow ... so between 4500-5000 with people and ballast.

Depending on who is riding I sometimes use the wedge ... which creates a rampy wake ... set the the”k” on the gauge and then finessed depending on wind, water conditions, people etc.

i feel that I get a decent push compared to when I used to list. But you still need a lot of ballast to sink a 247.

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