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Got my lost Board back yesterday


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Had a screw up at the launch with some “friends” taking my wake skate and setting it up against a tree instead of bringing it to bed of truck, we don’t even ask for help, they volunteered but took it to tree instead of truck bed

dont realize it’s lost till prep time for next trip to a different launch 40 miles distance from Spillway cause our Spillway currently closed , after we had done the soul searching to figure out what happened we get to launch snd guy there tells us story about who is now “holding” my Board fir me , SMALL WORLD! That confirmed our hunch

it will be some time till I have s chance to see that guy and recover old Board 

in meantime I found the ONLY HL NOMAD CATALYST 42 or 44” wake skate on the North American and several other continents in Canada (I was 15-20 pages deep in google continuing to look waiting on the camp and others to respond ) at a summer camp , they have been selling snd reducjng price on this board every offseason since 2013!!!

arrived 2 days ago, HAPPY DAYS ARE HEAR AGAIN!! This thing is like finding a unicorn 

this is a fantastic skate and I was so glad to get it 

plan on paying my “storage “ friend a “finders  and storage fee” so I can also get the original back and sell one, hope that doesn’t get to confrontational so hence the finders and storage fee

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So did I !!!  I forgot my wakeboard on my swim step or I took it off the boat and put it in the grass at the wipe down section. So I have been scanning FB market place and craigslist for the last 2 weeks, and it popped up yesterday on FB, I messaged him and he lived up the street from me. Pretty stoked, little road rash but nothing major.

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9 hours ago, Cole2001 said:

Awesome! It’s always nice to hear that people do care about others stuff and don’t just go whatever. 

I dint think he cares, he may be holding it for me, I hope so but I’m being sarcastic 

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Sometimes lakes have a FB page which is good to post lost and found items. A boat lift key/remote floated up on shore here last yr posted it on FB Sandbar page and guy was a happy camper the next day.. that's the good thing about lake communities they are limited of rift raft for the most part and generally do the right thing as well go out of the way to help

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This is a poor man’s waterway and they are the local drinking crew from the shelter at dock.  Won’t be a strong social media presence!

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