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bilge pump location in 13 VLX 247

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Out of all the wakeboard boats I have seen, they are all the way back by the rudder, behind the engine. I think its cause we have a shaft that sticks out the bottom of our boats and has a constant drip.

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1 hour ago, vtxgman said:

does anyone know where the bilge pump is located in a 13 VLX 247 I would appreciate the advise

Should have two, one in front of center ballast tank and the one he is talking about, switch on an axis has auto, center and rear 

should be just in front of center plug hole to the right of the center and front ballast fill pumps ?

You can feel the plastic strainer if you can’t see it and if strainer is detached, as it can be easily by just you feeling for it, if it’s missing you can feel the circular opening to suck the water at hull line pointing towards middle line of boat, or turn it on and feel it run

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That’s amazing, fishing boats have had two, at least one of which if not both on auto, for decades, my 98 fish n ski did

with the hull design, unless you have slot of water , the rear only works when boat is in operation and nose up , water doesn’t reside there, the vdrive has to just start being submerged for it to kick in when off plane

is the 247 a different hull design?

cheap design for a 2007 Malibu , what about pump failure with no redundancy !

one broken plumbing ballast bag and the boat bilge would. Be filled before the pump autos on

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11 hours ago, macdaddy said:

I have a 2007 and mine is located in the back.  I do not have one in the front.



Mine is an 03 and has front and back 25 LSV though.  Just thought I would throw that in there because I don't think it started after a certain year 

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I’m thinking they have 2 and haven’t put hands on each separate pump (front and center fill, bilge, and front drain) from the circle hatch, it’s all blind feel unless you remove the floor and even then it would be slightly obscure ?

Id like to know what their maliview controls are labeled 

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