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2001 Sunsetter VLX Constant Alarm at high speed

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My 2001 sunsetter w/325 Monsoon has constant alarm sounding at high speed. (35-45 MPH)   The only way to stop it is by shutting the engine down then restarting. 

Changed oil pressure switch and sending unit, knock sensor, cleaned heat exchanger,  performed continuity checks on all wires going to ECM.  Changed V-drive pressure sensor    

Pulled codes using paper clip and LED trick but no codes other than “12”  showed up 

All engine vitals/gauges read within spec. 

I cant find a transmission temp sensor   

I read up on a post from last year about a guy having the same issue but im not sure if he fixed his problem or not.  

Any assistance is appreciated.  


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What octane gas?  Oil weight?  Does it come back on if you restart immediately?  If not I would think V drive pressure (is actually low) or gas octane too low (knocking).  If it does then high temp (either bad sensor or bad pump/impeller).

I think code 12 has to do with an electronic failure.  Maybe try disconnecting the battery overnight?

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BEEP CODES — the 4 maintenance items that can trigger the beeper are:

  • High engine water temperature (>203*)
  • Low oil pressure (<6 PSI)
  • High transmission temperature (>140?*)
  • A diagnostics trouble code

Looks like you did a fair amount of work...aside from a diagnostics code that leaves only high water temp (ECU) or transmission temp.  As @minnmarkermentioned I would definitely replace the engine temp sensor (just like the motor oil, there are separate temp sensors for dash and ECU) and the impeller since it will eliminate water cooling as a possible culprit.  The 2 sensors on the transmission are the neutral switch (about 5 inches to the right of the shift linkage) and the other is the temp sensor.  See picture below.


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code 12 means there are no codes and ECM is working fine.  High water temps, hi trans temps, and low oil pressure are the only things that will trigger a non code alarm in 2001 boats.

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The Malibu dealership by me closed so I now go to Nautique dealer because they are a platinum Indmar service center.  I was having the same issue for the past 2 summers.  I tried replacing all the sensors but that didn't fix the problem.  When I took my boat in to get winterized in October,  the Nautique dealership pulled my ECU (or ECM???) and sent it out.  My alarm was triggered by a knock sensor issue.  The alarm was reset and now my ECU is sitting at dealership waiting to be installed so I can test it.  I'm also going to replace the knock sensor before I start motor just in case the issue was caused by the sensor.  My issue sounded very similar to yours as only heavy loads, such as barefooting, slalom skiing or high speeds caused the alarm to trigger.  Shut motor off, and alarm wouldn't trigger until motor was ran hard again.   Could cruise all day and no alarm.  When my oil pressure sensor went bad, alarm beeped constantly. 

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