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Does any one have a recommendation on tools/product to knock out oxidation. I tried using boat candys Performance Boat Candy™ Crystal Cut Polish™ along with Meguiar's DA Power Tool System this last weekend. After an hour i didnt even make a dent in the oxidation...

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I’ve heard the new boat juice products are amazing, inside and out. But this would be more of a daily use not full on removal.  Yet to try myself but just passing the word along. 

What I do use it mezerna cut polish, can’t remember which one(someone will know) and it worked amazing, really bringing back that shine and taking away the haze.

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There's arguably a million ways to do this, but for sure start with a wool pad and some cutting compound.  A good recommendation is to use 3M cutting compound with a wool pad to start, then switch to normal pads with 3M Perfect-It medium compound + wax (or your preference of medium, then polish then wax if you have another setup.) 

There's a LOT of info (almost too much info) out on YouTube and forums with many pushing their preferred brand and type of compounds.  Do your research and you may find a different products to solve it, but every *ahem* useful product/program starts with the wool pad and cutting compound or even wet sanding as a first step, which many won't do but don't be afraid, it may need it.  Just keep it wet. I like 3M products since they tend to know what they're doing...it's not cheap, but you get what you pay for.  I used 3M on my ride and went from bad oxidation to mirror finish.  Buy lots of microfiber towels.  Take your time and keep it wet

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Depending on the severity, 2000-3000 grit sand paper and wet sand it, then a cutting polish to finish it up. If it's a dark color, a finishing polish is sometimes necessary. 

Always use a wool pad for cutting, on gel. You can use a lighter cutting pad for finishing polishes, though rarely necessary in most peoples applications. Always use a true rotary, or at least forced rotation, polisher. The standard DA stuff you use on your car... .ain't gonna put much of a dent in gel.

And yet.. .I eat oxidation for breakfast and then puke perfectly shiny gel coat after lunch.

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