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Indmar 575 tune?


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Why does it look like the device was made by fisher price?  Or maybe it came out of a McDonald's Happy Meal. Interesting color choices....


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Seems everything for that company is made in Europe, so maybe that's the look that works over there.  Not sure I like the crimp plugs.  Guessing you'll be cutting the wiring harness to get that thing installed.  How much more would it be to include a mefi plug?

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Right, but their products are all made in Europe.  "Magnum Tuning has been dealing with manufacture of upgrades since 1994. Magnum’s experience warrants peak performance, reliability & perfect style. Parts are made in Europe & covered by 10-YEAR WARRANTY."

If you look st their stuff, they look like major hacks.  This doesn't seem jinky at all....


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That product is not a tuner.

It's similar to a Jet 'chip' or similar industry cheats aimed at the uninformed. Same as adding a resistor on the IAC to make the engine think it's seeing colder air than it is. You are paying for the marketing, case, and display as the actual electronics involved amount to pennies.

Not worth $50, much less $300. Go to a reputable tuning shop or don't bother. Better yet, prop down or up according to his wants. 

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boat has the most aggressive prop. these are pro riders just destorying their boats (and bodies) trying to get the biggest baddest wake haha ... i think the next joke will be get a m235 haha


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There are tuning options available for certain ECMs out there. It's highly dependent on which ECM you have. Many of the folks that are building racing boats are likely to take advantage of these products, so I'm sure there is information out there.

The real issue is that you can't dyno a boat. You could do something similar to a street-tune, where a tuner would simply ride in the boat, monitoring and making changes based on real world usage. It also might depend on what sensors are in your boat. Many tuners rely on Wideband O2 sensors to determine if the engine is running lean or rich, so you might end up needed a bung in the manifold for another )2 sensor.

At the end of the day, I'd be hesitant either way. Boats tend to run very high loads for long periods of time, so marinizing companies are likely to keep the engines conservative to ensure a longer lifespan.

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I was planning to do the pulley upgrade with a street tune... But I ended up getting a 25 lsv never got to it.. that 23 lsv with I think a 1.25 to 1 transmission and the supercharged engine was just awesome for low RPMs.. they could easily been propped up then with a pulley upgrade I would have been running about 2500 RPMs or less on rough calculation.. with a high altitude prop and just stock I was running around 2800 -3100 rpms if I recall depending on wedge and load.. pitching up and a pulley upgrade that would have been the best combo ever.. 

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