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Engine hours display 0

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Just joined up so hi. Just bought my first malibua few weeks ago, a 94 echelon and hhoestly had nothing but problems. But the one im enquiring about now is the display is reading 0 wheni select engine hours. When i first got the boat it was fine (385 hrs) but now just 0. Same with engine running or just ignition on. All others (except depth) are displaying and im assuming accurate. 

Any insight would be great. Im still learning about the boat and how its systems work but have done more work on it than id like already! 

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Same with mine.  Computrons that work are very rare these days so consider yourself lucky any of the features are active.  Replacements don't exist and fixing them is nearly impossible as the company that made them for malibu dissolved.  No support and worse, no turnover so even finding schematics is a challenge.


Best option is to get an analog hours gauge and run it up to your 385 hours using a 12v transformer and a wall timer before installing it.  Document the reset issue as best you can for resale.  


I have 450 original hours which my computron fluctuates between displaying it as 9999 hours and 0 hours.  Analog hours counter has given no problems.  

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New Computron parts can be found on Ebay, but they are not cheap.  I agree with phasing out your computron and putting in the analog guage, that is your best route.  The sooner you make the choice to ditch that old & unsupported system the sooner you'll feel better about your boat.  Buy a new depth guage too, and simply re-do the dash with new guages.

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Yeah thanks guys. After doing some homework i came to the same conclusion. At least it did work the first day so i got an idea about the hours on it. I was going to get another hour guage and either run it up on a power supply or just take note of "plus 400" only done 2 days on the water since. I have considered mine rare to only have lost the hours and depth. Temps are are foreign to me anyway as we use Celsius in Australia. Volts seems accurate in it though. This and hours are the only ones i really need anyway. A depth meter would be handy though. 

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