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Did anyone else jump on Black Friday deals?

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Looks great!

Just as a side note. If anyone is wanting a used snapon toolbox seriously contact your franchisee and see what they can get you. Snapon guys don’t want used tool boxes in stock, they make little money and isn’t worth the work. So if you let them know they might be able to get you someone’s trade in. Snapon in the family:rockon:

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46 minutes ago, oldjeep said:

nice.  I've been really impressed with the kobalt and husky boxes I've been seeing at the home improvement stores.  Wish they had been available years ago when I bought my Waterloo boxes, could have saved a bunch. 

If you're gentle on them. This box isn't the same quality as a Waterloo.  Thinner steel and lower capacity. Cheaper casters too but i dont have to move it often. It's a huge upgrade from what I had though. 

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I jumped on the Reef mat sale.  Says it shipped yesterday. I picked up a couple goodies from Bakes that I needed and am locked in on a soulcraft board (no sales or specials).  Christmas shopping is done!   

I must say, all three vendors have been top notch!  Had direct contact with all three for various reasons and all were incredibly polite, helpful and all-around amazing! 

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59 minutes ago, Gavin17 said:

If you're gentle on them. This box isn't the same quality as a Waterloo.  Thinner steel and lower capacity. Cheaper casters too but i dont have to move it often. It's a huge upgrade from what I had though. 

For the average homeowner who leaves them parked in the same spot for 20 years I'll bet they do fine.  Only reason I ever move mine is to clean behind it ;)

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9 hours ago, Gavin17 said:

So I've been a DIY mechanic since I started driving and we're on our second fixer uppper house.  I've been looking for a proper toolbox for awhile now. I bought my first ones when I was 18 or so, they were the cheapest ones made and don't even have ball bearing drawers. 

I was hoping to score a used professional box on Craigslist but those usually go for around $2000.  Then I was waiting for a $900 craftsman to go on sale when I stumbled on this Kobalt.  It's no pro box but should suit my needs just fine. $514 after discounts and rebates. I added some decoration. Hopefully the boat will fit inside my next garage. 



I got a pretty similar one.  For the money it has been great.  The box for the upper half was damaged so they discounted it heavily and had a sale running on the lower.  Mine has a power strip built into the side and some outlets in the top half.  I don't move it around at all and am pretty easy on it. 


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2 hours ago, JeffK said:

I really like the look of the white and black though!

Thanks I like it too. I really wanted blue but not enough to pay double for another box.  If anyone else is interested they still have solid black and the white one I have on sale.  Search Kobalt 3000 on lowes.com.  

I also got 2 Malibu decals from domed numbers. I can sell the other one for 25 shipped. It's dark blue and yellow.  5"x25"

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I got a Kobalt tool pack for the second garage at the cabin. A five drawer roller with woke bench top. just so we don't need to walk back and forth from garage one and two. And some other tools. Also got things on cyber Monday. The big saving item is on Post pictures of latest perches.

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500 lbs of 50’s ftom lead wake at $442.50, 25% off, taking a while for delivery but I guess expected with 10 50lb packages, real stoked to never have to use the on top of cushion sacs and the pump and that delay to empty those by hand and go home

 like buying 3 170 lb shredders to come along for ballast and I can tell them where to sit one body section at s time 

will be nice to texture wake for my wife’s riding pulls at slower speeds to even it out for her , just won’t fill center tank cause she rides stock plus wedge and doesn’t want it any bigger at her level 

super convenient to move and list or lower the nose on boat for better  waves 

thsnks to @ConnollyCrew for showing me his and I liked how they function and move wit the handles 

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