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Alternator Source


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Thinking my alternator is a gonner and looking for a source. Did a search and didn't see too much with the exception of some fancy high output models. Did note the one from Alterstart - http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/MERCRUISER-...itemZ8062481346

Anyone tried? Can I go to NAPA or do I need to go to the dealer?

Also thinking if I'm replacing I should be upgrading to something that is at least 100 AMPS. One concern that this brings up, however, is the factory circuit breaker. Read elsewhere this is rated for 60 AMPS. If this needs to be upgraded is there a good source for a replacement?

Need to be on the water by next weekend, so local parts vs. mail order would be preferred. Cry.gif

Little background to why I'm thinking alternator........

Two weeks ago my wife leaves the blower on for about 3 hours after a boat ride w/ her girlfriends. Mad.gif We head out later to take the kids tubing and the boat starts ok. All we do is put around as we are pulling real young kids. As we are heading back to the dock the PP starts beeping. Look at the volt meter and I'm down to under 10 volts. Try to fire back up after I get everyone unloaded and she's dead. Put it on the charger and get her fired up and take for some hot laps around the lake - voltage never picks up. Battery is an Exide Orbital 34DP. As I was planning to add another battery over the winter I go pick up a new Optima D34M to see if I maybe just have a bad battery. Installs at 12.4V. Take to the lake Wed. and ski a couple times - fair run to good water so she get's healthy workout. When I fired her up off the trailer I was reading 12.2V. Whole time we were runniung around we were running at 11.8 or 11.9. Back out on the lake this morning for a morning ski and footing run Yahoo.gif we're at 11.9 at launch and by the time we are back on the trailer we're reading 11.1.

Read elsewhere that a stock alternator isn't good for running a deep cycle battery. Didn't have on a trickle during the week, but based on the first time out I expected I would be in the 13's while running..... that's what I was seeing before the blower incident. After it didn't charge after I ran it around then I chalked it up to coincidental timing.

Thanks for your thoughts. :)


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Our alt went out a few weeks ago (same day we hit the log) and our mechanic took it apart, cleaned it, fixed a wire or two and we are back up and running with no more problems...only charged us 32 bucks which is a heck of a lot cheaper then a new one. If you are going new and you are planning on getting another battery you might want to look at a HO alt, especially if you plan on or already have a big stereo.

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You can replace the brushes and voltage regulator on some alternators. It's easy and cheap.

I don't know about the circuit breaker or wiring. both may need to be upgraded for a HO alternator.

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I'd give SkiDIM.com a call. They should be able to help you decide on whether to go HO or not and will have what you are looking for.


Checked their website and didn't see much. They usually have more than they show on their website if you call?

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Pulled the alternator today and ran it down to town. Napa was closed so I had to go to Shuck's, just a couple kids in there who didn't know what to do with an alternator with an external regulator so they kept hooking up wires in different configurations..... said 11.4V one time, 13.9 another. Failed to check what the current was. I'm going to try NAPA tomorrow and see if I can get a test I have a little more confidence in.

Would my local Malibu dealer be better to have check the alternator than Napa?

Should probably get the batteries checked too? Think they are both pretty low now. Little leary of charging them as the only charger I have is ancient and I see both the Exide and the Optima have charging warnings.... maybe it is time to upgrade the charger. Any recommended models?

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Thanks for the reminder...

Note to self: Don't let wife take boat out for girls cruise.

Lesson learned!

Keep the bowriders where they belong! Surprised.gif

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