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Need to enter code AFTER start up


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I just took my boat out for the first time this season just to do some pre season tune up stuff and prep for ballast install. I entered the code and started the boat and pulled away from the dock. I hit MLS to fill ballast and noticed the touch screen was saying "enter code" even though the boat was running. I entered code again and everything was fine. I drove to a calm, wind sheltered cove and threw the anchor and continued to work on the boat. When it was time to take off, the same thing happened. The code was already stored so I hit start, engine fired up. Once the engine was started, "enter code" came up on the touch screen again. It's acting like when the starter turns, there's some sort of short in the system. The touch screen doesn't reboot or flash or anything.  Any ideas what could be causing this?  I had boat at the dealer a couple weeks ago but it was only for vinyl work. 

2012 VLX

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Sounds like it may be expieriencing a shut down or power loss during cranking. All your battery cables tight? Check those first. 

Check the connections to the MTC if that doesn't solve it , it's under the dash and pretty easy to see.  As long as everything works once your re-enter the code I wouldn't suspect an issue with the screen itself. Really sound like it is just momentarily resetting during crank. Check all the terminals on the perko are tight , there is a main power buss under the dash / fuse panel also.  

The best way to figure it out is to replicate the condition and pay attention to anything else that goes on when the concern occurs.


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Mine did this last year.  It was due to a low battery.  Had the stereo cranking for too long.  The boat fired up with some struggle, then the screen seemed to have flickered and I noticed the code entry screen.  A full charge on the batteries solved it.  That said, I did check over my connections as Baws pointed out.  

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Hmmm?  Guess I need to get an on board charger. My old batteries lasted 3 years and over 400 hours. With no charger. These walmart batteries are 6 months old with about 25 hours. I usually ride year round but this year has been the longest layup period. With the heavy rains we've gotten this year, the boat sat for over 2 months. 

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I had this exact same problem on my 2012 VLX.  Both of my batteries were new and strong.  After experimenting with it I found that the problem only happened when I had the battery switch set to either 1 or 2.  If I had the switch set to 1+2 the problem went away.

I think the system draws so much at start up that it causes the screen to reset.  Always running on 1+2 fixes it, and I just use the individual switch if I'm floating and running the stereo.

Hope this does it for you too.

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