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Regarding the "Scarpa" plate in my "barefoot" Response

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We never barefoot response  from 2003 and we had the Scarpa plate on the boot since new.

If I remove the Scarpa plate will I then get more og less waves ?

Will I get more top speed ?

Will the boat accelerate faster if I remove the Scarpa plate ?

Sorry for my english...I am from Denmark.

Thanks for your help

Have a nice day :)

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I think the main purpose of the plate is to make the table flat, soft, less turbulent. I don't know if it effects the wake. I don't think it effects the holeshot or the top speed.

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No it wont affect acceleration, just the wake table and top speed slightly. I've read that it MAY reduce your top speed by 1-2 mph. Ask Peter (smoothwaterman on here), he'll know for sure

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Our 07 Barefoot Response has the Scarpa plate also. As said above, it helps smooth out the table for barefoot wake slalom. We remove the plate most of the time because it does force the bow down and if you ride in larger lakes or rougher water, it will beat you! The speed is not affected as far as I could tell. We had two of us in the boat a few weeks ago and were able to get 51mph without the plate.

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@Jens:  As noted the SSP is designed to improve the barefoot wake and table.  As for impact on performance, that will depend a lot on the current setting of your plate.  If you have it set to where it does drive the nose down, removing the plate will free up the nose allowing the boat to reach a higher top speed due to less wetted running surface while in motion.  This will also then change the wake characteristics.  Initial acceleration probably will not change, but with increasing speed if you do have the plate providing a downward push, the acceleration will be negatively affected at the higher speeds.

Too bad you can not send us some delicious Danish pastries through the internet! 

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Thanks everyone for your answers :)

I think our Scarpa plate is at ha same setting as from new...we never adjusted or removed it.

I could show some pictures...but where do I add pictures in here...?  


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On 10/02/2017 at 6:00 AM, mlange said:

Only thing I'd add is that the slalom wake (at least on an 03-06 RLXi) is really harsh with the SSP on. I tried it once.  Never will again.


Interesting comment. I have a 2005 RLXI that came with a SSP but I have never fitted it. Pretty much only use my boat for slalom and always wondered what the plate might do to the slalom wake. Don't think I'll bother trying it!

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We talked about removing the Scarpa plate but I heard it is quite difficult to install it correct again.

But if getting out of the water isn't going to be better or the top speed then I might as well leave it on...


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Here is a YouTube vid of Ron explaining his  SSP and fine tuning


I've never had the pleasure to try one on my BU, but If I remember corectly it also hardens  the wake table for footing.

On a side Note, " Hey GreenMan " Still waiting to see those  great footing vids of you... :footing:   Nope haven't forgotten.  :Tease3:

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I've had one on both my 2002 Sunsetter and on my 2009 Response LXI. The YouTube video is the correct starting adjustment but I wouldn't really crank it down as it can damage the plate if you go to far.  I feel the comments about it making the ride harsh are subjective. If you are in rough water, the ride is going to be harsh in a Response no matter what. I've never noticed a significant difference in ride with or without it.

Using one has tradeoffs. For skiing at slower speeds (22-28 MPH) it can help to reduce the wake. For long line slalom at 32-36 MPH it flattens out the table between the wakes and makes the wakes a little smaller but firmer. Some people like this some don't. At short line, is where the negatives are. The firm wake is a little harsh but manageable.

With a little practice you can get the install time under 10 minutes, I've even done it in the water from the platform in about 20-30 minutes hanging off the platform when we were on a houseboat trip. 

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