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Trailer bunk widths


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Hi to all of the"crew"

New malibu owner. I've recently purchased a boat Stateside and the boat is (hopefully) heading Down Under presently somewhere across the Pacific. I'm building a trailer for my 2009 Malibu VLX and looking for some info from you guys. If any of you have access to your boats and trailers, and have a spare 10 minutes would you mind taking a couple of measurements for me? As I'm hoping to have my trailer built by the time my boat arrives in Australia. 

Wanting to know the following:

A - Hull width of the boat at the bottom between the trailer guards.

B - bunk spacing for the inner and outer bunks. I'm looking at setting up my bunks the same as Boatmate.

91A4250A-2C36-43CD-ADDB-190A5BC896A1_zps - distance between the bottom of the hull and the bottom of the rudder/prop in order to ensure the prop clears the cage. Kinda important.?

Here is progress so far. Will post updates on the project


Thanks guys, and Happy New Year

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Looks like a good project, whee are you located?

have you thought about how to do the swing away draw bar hinge point. Having the hinge & locking point in line with each other puts a lot of load on the bolts. Offset them as with the new Boatmate or my fabricated hinge will support the draw bar & not load the hinge bolts. Just a thought.

rebuilt  my Boatmate a few years back now ref the post below.

The measurement you are looking for, I could get next weekend when down at the park where the boat lives.

may be best to get the distance between the bunks to match he Chines, angle of the bunks & the height you are looking for wi the bun angle projected to the low point apex.

i have the CAD files for my re build, the bunk support mounts were copied from he old trailer so not in the files.

the half roller trailer makes it much easier to load & unload.

are you using load sharing axles or torsion bars?

could help out with other boat info if you wish to PM me with your email or mobile 



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Thanks for the reply,

I'm in Toowoomba, Queensland. I'm away on holidays so hadn't logged in to check for any replies. I am currently debating on whether to do a swing away tongue or not. For me personally it's not an issue, as my shed has plenty of room but I guess for resale, it may be a handy thing for somebody I may sell the boat to down the track. I'm hoping to get back into the project next week so If you are ar your boat in the near future, those measurements would be a big help. I believe the wakesetter hull has a 20 degree deadrise so was planning to set the bunks up on a 20 degree angle and hopefully set the bunk spacing to match the chines.

You raise a good point with the 1/2 rollers. I know with my last boat you had to really sink the trailer to get the boat to float. Not the easiest thing to do when on some shallow ramps.

Thanks again for the reply. I'll PM you my contact details.


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The boat is down at The shed, 3 hours away so I can't check the measurements till we head down next. Good chance we will be down there the end of the month with a long weekend taking Friday off.

I did not record the distance between the bunks or the angle, copied these from the old trailer before cutting it up so I can check these 

the main details I have drawn are the frame which you have already made.

you have another crew member up at Toowoomba, Brad72

what engine does the boat have?

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Hey Johnzey ,dont know if you ever got your measurements but do know that vlx trailer bunk measurement is the same for 2005-2012. That was told to me by Boatmate them selves so any of those years would work for measurements.

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  • 2 months later...

So just got around to posting a few photos of how the trailer build pogressed. 

Thanks to all the guys who responded to my initial queries and especially fellow member Andrew63 for his input following his build.

Now on to my boat restoration.....




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