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tower speakers and system...beginner


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Hi from Australia,

I have a 2015 Response, with factory Audio consisting of RockfordFosgateRFX-MR5BB head unit connected to RFX6000-sx Amp? and playing through 4 X  RF 8" 2way speakers.

After having the boat for one summer I'm keen to upgrade the system, nothing too full-on but nice, so rightly or not I have purchased a RF R250x4 amp and a RF 12" slim Sub and enclosure, Im also fitting 2 x RF 8" tower speakers.

So as a handy type person but knowing very little about Audio and in a small town with no Audio experts, My questions are-  Should I keep the existing speakers wired up as they are and only wire the tower speakers and the sub to the new Amp or should all 6 speakers and the Sub connect to the Amp?

Thanks for any help

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Welcome to TMC, Aussie.  The R250X4 is a class AB amp that will drain your batteries fast and only puts out 40 watts per channel.  Hardly an upgrade.  Send it back and get Class D amps with at least 100 watts to each tower speaker and 50 watts to each in-boat speaker, and at least 300 watts to the sub..  Your OEM amps are probably more powerful than the R250X4.  Find them.  The RFX600-sx is not an amp, it is a hub you plug your sources into and it feeds out to the amps.

Your 8" in-boat speakers are fine and are the last thing I would change.

Suggest you peruse the Stereo Info Forum here and soak in as much as you can before purchasing equipment.  It will be time well spent.  RF R600-4D are good value amps (can be bought for US$200 here) and can be configured to run in boats, towers, or subs.  It really depends on what you want to do and what type of music you like.  Some want 300 watts to 10 inch tower speakers so a boarder 70 feet back can clearly hear vocals, some want super fidelity in the cabin, some want to shake the hull with bass.  There is no "right" answer or price point.

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Hi minnmarker,

Thankyou very much for the plain speaking easy to understand answer to my question, I will change the amp over and keep learning more on stero's.


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Heres is an option that will not break the bank but gain you some upgrade all the way around.

1) keep that R250x4 and run it bridged 2 channel model to the new 8" tower speakers. This nets you 125W rms to each speaker. Thats decent. 

2) Pickup a 5 or 6 channel amp that will power the existing 4 8" in-boats and that new woofer. Sticking with the Rockford line, the R600x5 as a budget friendly option or the P1000x5 as a step up. 

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