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CFO's ski - need help...

River Rat

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I bought the CFO a KD Powercarve ski for her birthday on the recommendation of Wileys. She is not an aggressive skier and likes to hang out behind the boat and is a bit tentative on her cuts. She is having a signifigant problem with spray coming from around her front foot--when the ski rides flat (like just riding behind the boat or at an edge change) she can't see for the spray. I told her she was just a wuss and to lean back some more, make harder cuts, but that didn't work and didn't earn any brownie points... We first thought it may be caused by the excess rubber on the binding overlays, so we cut those off as close as we could, but that didn't really help.

I am in trouble if we can't figure this out!! Any ideas? Maybe a technique change?

BTW--got bored skiing at 15 and 22 off so tried 28 off Thurdsay night for the first time in 15? years--it was a blast, until the OTF fall, of which I remember hitting my face, going in the air twice and hitting pretty hard...the riders said it was spectacular. Feel like I have been hit by a Mack truck and perforated eardrum is not helping much--oh what the price of fun!!! Don't bounce back like we used to with all these years accumulated... Cry.gif

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Go faster?

Yeah, it sounds like she is skiing at too low a boat speed for the size ski she is on.

My pop's rule of thumb growing up was goose the throttle tille the ski isn't throwing out spray straight forward. Coincidentally that's about 30mph for me (165lbs on a 67" triumph). For wakemd (135lbs on a 65" triumph) it's 29mph.

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When riding straight, the water should be breaking around the ball to the arch of the front foot when riding in proper position, ankles and knees bent, hips forward. If she's straightening her front leg and dropping her hips back, she'll be throwing water straight out in front of her.

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Thanks for all of the input--we are headed to the river tomorrow afternoon and I will bump up the speed and see what happens!!

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If she's in proper position and up to the speed she wants to ski, you might try moving her boots forward to level out the ski a bit. :)

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