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Another Warning Beeper Questions

Eagle River Mike

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I have been having a different issue with the warning beeper from the dashboard on my 2001 Response equipped with a Monsoon.  For a little background, I have had this situation in the past where whenever the motor was running the beeping would occur.  I simply would replace the oil pressure switch and the beeping would stop.  This year, the problem is a little different.  The boat will run for 10 minutes or so with no beeping and then the beeping will start.  If I turn the boat off and restart it, I can get another 10 minutes of run time until the beeping starts again.  I replaced the oil pressure switch and I keep getting the same beeping pattern.  I thought once the switch fails and no longer reads, the beeping would always occur.  When I look at the piece on the block the oil pressure switch screws into, it looks like my mechanic removed it while winterizing this year and reinstalled it.  Could this be the problem?  Should I pull it off and reinstall it?  Or should I try replacing the temp switch?  I have never had a temp switch go out so I am not sure if the symptoms mirror what I have going on.  I check the trans fluid and that looked good.  I cant  imagine I am over heating anything because when I turn the boat off and immediately restart the boat, I get 10 minutes without the warning beeper coming on.   Thanks

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Only three sensors will cause the beep on your Monsoon.  Oil Pressure Switch, Engine Temp Sensor, and Transmission Temp Sensor.  In the absence of an actual overheat, or low oil pressure situation, you are likely dealing with a sensor issue.

If you want to test your Engine temp Sensor, the resistance across it should be 3500 ohms at 70*F, and 470 ohms at 160*F.  I don't have similar data for the Trans sensor.  

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Engine temp sensor for the ECM is at front of the engine...it is separate from the sensor that feeds the temperature information to your dash gauge.  Trans temp sensor is of course located on the transmission.

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