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'15 23 LSV wiring harness ?


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Hoping someone can clarify this for me....

The wiring harness on the boatside has a red molex with a white molex pigtailed off of it. The red molex connects to a small harness and has the speaker wire which wires to the amp whereas the white has power/ground/remote/memory which connects to the back of the RFX6000 and goes on into the distribution block.

My question is this. In the first pic, the 4 wires that feed the white molex that plugs into the RFX6000 coming from the red molex are power/ground/memory/remote. The 3 that leave it, go to the distribution block. However, in the second pic, you see those same 4 wires that go to the white molex, leaving the red molex. With the exception of the blue/white remote wire, given they are not spliced into another wire and the rest of the wires in that harness are speaker wires, wouldn't you think these don't serve a purpose?  Since power/ground/memory for the RFX6000 comes from the distro block, isn't it only the remote wire that is relevant in this red molex? Reason I ask is that I am rewiring and the factory harness is not part of my plan....



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@NCSurfing I've been out on the water so I didn't get back to you. There isn't anything on the "back" side of the red connector the the black, red/yellow, yellow, or blue/white wires. You can skip running these wires to the wiring harness from the stereo amp board as they don't go anywhere or do anything. You need to pull the correct source for each of the wires to the white molex connector, but they don't need to go to the red molex. Here are pictures of the amp board side of the red molex from the back so you can see that the wires don't have a corresponding connector. (notice the 4 open holes)



If you look close here you can see there isn't anything on the "back" side of the black and red/yellow wires; the same is true for the blue/white and yellow wires on the other side of the connector.


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I junked all of mine.  I special ordered my boat with no stereo, but with the black box.  WHen I set up my system, I kept the white molex.  Used the blue/white from the boat (which interestingly, sources the interior lights, which are controlled by the ground), used the blue to turn on my amps, then the red and black are power and ground.


One question I have, though is the brown wires labeled "trigger."  What are those, +12V out (i.e. 12V from the BB), or are they supposed to be used to do something to power the BB?  THe BB manual is not that helpful.  They for Satellite or other auxillary?

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