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Help removing muffler - hoses stuck

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Anyone have any ancient secrets for removing the hoses attaching the muffler to the exhaust manifolds on an old VLX?  My silent rider muffler started coming apart, so replacing it with FAE straight pipes....and yes, I have an FAE on the boat, so it won't be loud. :)

Looking for any voodoo chants, rain dances, magic words, anything.  I really don't want to cut the 3 1/2" hoses, because those things aren't cheap.

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Stick a thin screw driver under the hose and spray some WD40 in there.  Do it about every 90 or 120 degrees around the hose.  Wait an hour. Wrestle it and remove.

Disclaimer: I've done it on a 1938 fire truck and boat water hoses but not on a boat exhaust hose.

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I changed the exhaust hoses in my 1996 vlx.  First I did the top two hoses that attach the risers to the fiberglass muffler by taking off the risers.  I ended up having to put the risers on before wrestling the hoses back on because I couldn't get the risers bolts to line up with exhaust manifold with hoses under tension.  It was a major pain in the a**, wd 40 and hose picks and a bunch of bending, prying, loosing knuckle skin, sweating and cussing was involved. I ended up abandoning the idea of doing the lower hoses until I removed the through hole  exhaust, which made it a lot easier.   I  put the silent tip exhaust but wish I would have done fae.  Cut the hose below the muffler, since it's going to be replaced with stainless?

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Forgot to add: Mark the hoses port/starboard, manifold/muffler ends, and draw a reference line on the hose and manifold so you can put them back just like they came off.  And get some good mechanics gloves.

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Ok, going to head out to the boat again tonight armed with WD40, hose picks, mechanics gloves and a razor blade to cut the bottom hoses.  Hopefully, it will go better than last night.  Can't wait to get that muffler off to see how bad it is.  When pushing on it last night, the sides were caving in.  Guess 17 years was all it had in it....and getting hot last year probably didn't help much either.

And to top it all off, the power was out at my storage building last night.  So I was working without a fan, and just using the interior lights and a head lamp.  Fun times.

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I have a couple of 5' lengths of 3" hose if you want them, just pay shipping.  Not sure what size yours are.  They came off my boat when I redid the exhaust to 3.5".

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Change of plans.  I'm going to cut the hoses.  Talked to Larry at Fresh Air Exhaust, and he said he will make the new pipes just a little longer to make up for the 2 inches of hose I have to cut off to remove everything.  Hopefully, that'll save me a little time and frustration.  Going to pull the whole setup and take it to them tomorrow for a template.  It's nice that I'm only about 30 mins away from their shop.

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