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Throttle Cable Replacement Help - pics and vid of problem included

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Was out on the water the other night and after I gave the boat some gas, we lurched forward and then stopped and could only idle.  I quickly diagnosed as the throttle cable being non-functional.  However, I'm not certain exactly HOW non-functional it is and could use some help here.  When I raised the hatch, I noticed that there was a cable and a wire hanging off the throttle body that appeared to have come disconnected.  You can see the brass piece here, in the foreground, and the male screw in the background:  https://goo.gl/photos/bZwMQAMKoh5ei6dL6 

Here:  https://goo.gl/photos/pzr1mbPPpMkTYZi4A

So I thought it was just be as easy as reconnecting the brass piece (female screw) to the wire (male screw) and then I'd be done.  Except when I did that - I ended up with this:  https://goo.gl/photos/k8NydyMQ2PrKL1i28https://goo.gl/photos/aUgL19H7zkCjQP2GA which obvioulsy isn't what it is supposed to do.  

I called a shop and they recommended replacing the entire cable, (which seems odd to me since there is still seemingly a connection from the hammer to the cable - and this just appears that the linkage somehow broke.  Just wondering if anyone has done this before, how hard is it, and what should I expect - or if anyone would take a pic/video of their functional throttle cable.  

I just got the boat back from having the propshaft repacked and don't want to put it back in the shop for 2-3 weeks.  

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Thanks, I'll take a look, as it's hard to tell from that angle.  I found this image, within that thread you sent earlier, and to me it looks like it's in the correct spot... but I never paid attention to this before it was a problem so I could be wrong.  This image makes me believe that maybe I don't have enough tension on the line and that's why it's slipping... I just can't tell.  

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