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Road tar on boat vinyl

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Hey guys , so I drove over a mountain pass the other day that was being rechipped. I didn't know until half way up so there was no turning back and going home. I drove through it as slow as possible but still got pebbles with tar in the boat. The lady and I cleaned it tonight but the stains wouldn't come out. I thought for sure hey would come out with some bug and tar remover or gasoline but had no luck. Now I need your guys help!!! Any other ideas will be tried. I'm sure this can't be the first time for you guys on this forum. Thanks for the help, Rambino.

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they working on galena?


The sun is really amazing.  I'm being serious.  I'd also use simple green or a citrus based degreaser.  No, simple green is not "approved" for the latest Malibu vinyl but on a 2001, I'd be fine with it.  I have never had a problem with it.  hit it every day with simple green and a brush, leave it in the sun and I bet they disappear in a week.

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@85 Barefoot

Ya they were working on galena about a week ago.  They just did it last year so I don't know why they did it again this year. I'm pissed about it because they didn't give a warning to turn around or anything. My vinyl that was perfect is now tarred everywhere. I was able to get the tar off but it left yellowish stains instead. I'll try using the sun but I don't know what else to try. I tried baby oil, gasoline, mineral spirits, magic eraser. I guess the only thing to try tomorrow is simple green and sun, as well as we-40.  I'm so upset about it I'm debating calling the city tomorrow.

you really think the sun would work? As far as I'm concerned the vinyl is ruined...

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Come on, I can't be the first this has happened too... If you have any words of advise please help. I've tried everything!

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Typically WD40, let sit and a non abrasive cloth for removing tar.  If you have already used gasoline and a magic eraser then I fear you have already done some irreversible damage to your vinyl.

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unfortunately I agree with oldjeep.  Might now be worse after using those products.  However, I have seen the sub take out some incredible stains.  problem is an abrasive like magic eraser literally rubs off the vinyl too.

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