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My marriage was tested today...

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Wife decides to approach the trailer at about a 30 degree angle thinking she can save it.  Watched the whole thing in slow mo in the mirror & can't open the door to yell to back up with how high the water is.  Slams the front of the boat past the boat stop, tries to reverse out of it & nails the trailer.  Not sure how to fix the guide bar, that thing is solid & I can't bend it back, shocked there isn't hull damage or a hole.  Need to replace a bunk & get a new prop....wondering if she messed up the shaft too.  














That 3rd pic down, the bunk & trailer portion.  Yeah that was all white & not cut up, she totally hit that

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Go easy on her, poop happens! At least she will trailer the boat (used to...)

Hope it doesn't cost you more than a prop and a 2x6 and a case of beer to your local welding shop.



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It happens. Just fix it and move on. The shaft should be fine that's why we have props made of nibral. Typically this is also caused by the trailer being too deep. I have had the exact same thing happen a couple times. The bunks on my trailer were way too close together when I got my boat which made me back in too deep every time. It's a good time to see if adjustments need to be made to that. 

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Things happen. Just tonight I had my 7 yr old son holding the boat off the dock while I got the trailer. It was just me and my 2 kids.  He wasn't completely focused on his job with all the stuff going on at the launch and now I have a small chunk out of the boat from a screw in the dock. I showed it to him and he felt bad but said it could have been worse in his own honest way, and I agreed. I should have put out my bumpers but was trying to hurry as I do when loading or launching. It's not real noticeable and every time I see it I will be reminded of another great day on the water with my kids! 

Give her a hug, it will be ok, it's just a boat. This time she won't be able to complain about spending money on it!?

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My wife hit a known sand bar/shallow area a few years ago. Folded over all 4 blades on the prop, cost to repair was a bit over $100. She learned from it, never did it again, even tells others about it. Didn't need me drilling her over & over about it to get the lesson. I'm sure your wife will get it too.

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We're fine, i kow she feels terrible,  I've just been really quiet.   Previous owner had it for 3 years without a scratch on it.   We've had it a month....

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My wife is my boat driver and back up trailer person. Everything she does is perfect. And I  just praise and give 100 thanks.  Even if it is not perfect. Just so I can ski and board . 

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2 hours ago, racer808 said:

We're fine, i kow she feels terrible,  I've just been really quiet.   Previous owner had it for 3 years without a scratch on it.   We've had it a month....

You'll have to talk about it at some point. Make a joke about it and tell her that she's marked the family boat and you'll always know which one belongs to you two. Someone once said "success is getting up one more time than you fall down". Let her put the boat on the trailer the next time she feels comfortable; props, 2x6, trailer guide poles, and even boats can all be replaced...

In the grand scheme of things it's easier to replace the perfect boat vs. trying to replace the perfect wife.

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ouch. I've had to catch our boat a couple times since it is really easy to put the tracking fins between a pair of the side bunks when a roller pushes the boat in a little cockeyed. 


Guide bar needs to be cut off and replaced, if it doesn't snap bending it back, it'll be weak. 


good luck on the repairs.

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Stuff can be fixed, people take more effort.  


Hijack!  Is that the wavecontrol I see in picture two?  How is that working?  I was thinking of making something similar.   

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5 minutes ago, Chia said:

i would tell her, thanks, that was the totally wrong prop for that boat. I have been meaning to replace it and now we get to experience the boat properly propped. Thank goodness we also found out how the bunks on the trailer were rotting out. I will be replacing those. Blessing in disguise. Lets have sex...

Nailed it right there!

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In the end I would be much worse on myself if I did it.  I can just see my thoughts..... You dumb a$$, How stupid! I am such A idiot! and on and on. And it would go on for days. And I love all the thoughts about updating you prop!

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