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2003 Wakesetter VLX Gauges not working

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Hi Everyone - hoping the crew can help me troubleshoot an issue.  Over the winter we had the heater core replaced (under the dash) by the group that winterizes our boat.  Today we went to get it all ready to drop it in for the first time this year.  Before I pulled out of the driveway I went to check gas levels and noticed that the entire gauge (fuel, oil pressure, temp, volts) and the Malibu multifunction gauge were not working.  The third gauge (perfect pass) did have power to it and powered up correctly from what I can see.  In troubleshooting I looked under the dash for any loose wires but it is honestly a very weak area for me so I am not sure what I should really be looking for.  i did turn on the lights and noticed that both gauges have lights on them so I assume that means that power is going to the gauge.  What else should I look for?  I called the place that did the work but with the holiday they were closed today - hoping I can get a quick fix on this.

Thanks for the help!

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My gauges did the same thing and it ended up being a blown fuse.  There are 2 inline fuses right where the wires go into the MDC.  I replaced both fuses.  If its not the fuses, it may be the MDC itself which is an expensive fix.

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having another bad gauge can cause your temp/oil/fuel/batt gauge to not work. try unplugging your other gauges 1 at a time and see if it starts working. My speedo was bad causing this even though my speedo was working just fine

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Good news - we figured it out.  Turned out to be a bad inline fuse holder.  The fuse holder wasn't making an active connection.  Replaced it and everything works correctly now!

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if you look under the dash you will see the MMDC (it has 2 large plugs going into it with a bunch of wires coming out of them).  follow those wires and you should see 2 inline fuses.  If it is like mine it would be almost right next to the module but my wires were all very neat under the dash so I am not sure if yours will be the same.

Hope that helps

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