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18" Trailer Tires


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Well Nexen no longer offers the n3000 and I need to replace just one tire, just my luck. 


Anyway, has anyone used any other 255/45/18. I've been searching and have found that most are standard load. I have found some general g-max tires that would work. What are other tires? 


Im tempted at just replacing all 5. I have 2 that are about 50% done, 1 that's brand new, and another that's wore out the entire outer shoulder. Then my spare has a patch. Reason for the differences, I had a bad front axle that wiped out my tires. 

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What about taking the 1 that's brand new and making it the spare, leaving the two 50% on there, and replacing the other two with something new. Once you figure out what you want, put that on for the two that need immediate replacement, and then get two more when the 50% tires are close to 10%.

Unfortunately I don't have a recommendation for tires because I haven't towed that much historically (500 yrds from storage to the ramp) but I'm "changing venues" and will be towing a lot more now so I'll be watching this thread for recommendations.

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I bought my boat with 18s on the trailer & Pirelli PZero Nero tires on it (thank gawd their rated for 160 mph). I figured I'd be replacing them with trailer tires & rims before long, but never had a problem with them. At some point, I had a hub fail, which damaged the tire on one side as it rubbed on the frame/fender. The tire on the other side wasn't the best so I just opted to replace them both. I ended up going with a pair of Falken Zeixes, same size, better weight capacity, similar look & less expensive. Might be worth a look for you too.

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Tires I have in mind are. 

Nitto nt555

general g-max as-03

hankook Ventura v12 evo2

yokohama avid envigor

sumitomo HTR zIII. 


Anyone run the sumitomo brand on anything? They are the cheapest of the bunch, but look like the n3000's. I try to stay away from cheap tires all together, but the nexen brand falls under that category to me also. 

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My new Malibu trailer with 18's came with OHTSU 255/55R18 ST5000   Load rating is 2271lbs.    Tandem that is >9000lbs.  I know it is a little taller profile but the load rating is higher.  Believe they are manufactured in Indonesia.  


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On May 26, 2016 at 4:43 AM, Nitrousbird said:

There are two barely used N3000's on eBay in the size you need right now.  Go buy one.

If your talking about the ones in Fullerton. I checked. The tires were made in 2006. A little old for my liking. 

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I ended up going with the General G-Max AS-03's. Just had them installed today. They look great and they are extra load. At $146 a tire, they were reasonably priced as well.

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