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Is anyone hanging their ropes from their towers? What are you using to hang them?


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I'm gonna have 3 ropes in play this year (ski, wakeboard, and wake surf), and rather than schlepping up to the bow every time we change toys, I'd like to just hang all the ropes from the tower-it's certainly tall enough. All of my ropes came with velcro keepers with a tab with a grommet through it, but I'm trying to find something to put on the tower hang the wrapped ropes from.

Anyone doing this that can point me towards a good solution? I was thinking velcro wraps around the horizontal part of the tower and through the grommet on the keeper, but I'm not sure i trust velcro to keep the ropes up there in rough water, and I don't want a passenger getting thunked by a rope and handle falling from 6 feet above their head.

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Our bimini has a rope storage pocket that we usually put the surf rope in.  For the other we typically keep them in the warming tray above the engine.  I do have a large supply of velcro wraps that we can hang them on the tower as well.  

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^^^This.  Especially when they are wet and dripping all over the place.  for example:  On people's heads and the dash. 

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I tried hanging them from the tower with velcro straps wrapped around the tower tubes. It worked, but the others are correct in saying they drip... it's annoying. Now I just toss them under whichever seat is not currently occupied. 

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I usually keep mine in the cooler under the seat behind the driver.  if they are wet than it will drain and they don't start smelling too funky.  we usually have a soft cooler with us so I haven't used the built in cooler more than a couple times in four summers.

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1 hour ago, csilcox said:

I put these on side of tower


I probably need more stuff on my tower like I need a hole in the head, but for others that might be interested, where do you find those?

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I have the pockets sewn into the Bimini (15vlx) and use them all the time. Ski ropes, surf ropes and helmets we are using go in the tubs under the surf seats.

if the ropes are not put away my 6 year old has them as spaghetti in about 30 seconds.

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9 hours ago, skyskier said:

Ropes are just too dangerous to leave hanging around. Especially with kids. Put them away.

Rope is the most dangerous thing on the boat. Velcro strap and put it under a seat.?

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I just put my ropes and jackets etc in the rear locker.  It's only a slight pain when we switch to surfing and have to watch the plug and play bags vent (until I get them plumbed to an overflow vent). I use the warming tray to house whatever jacket has just been used so it drains most of the water straight into the bilge and keeps the locker dry(er) ?

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