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New Here! Need Some Help!

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New to the site! Just got out first Bu. All help and input is greatly appreciated! Sorry if I sound like I don't know anything, the truth of the matter is, I don't know anything! 

Just got a new to my family 2001 21ft VLX. It is a one owner and the owners were our family friends. It has been well taken care of from what we know. We are looking to make it a little better of a surfing boat. We are thinking we need rear sacks along with a mid ship sack. Not sure on size or shape or anything like that as this is our first boat.

We are also wondering about getting an after marking surf gate of some sort and a wedge. Not sure which Surf gate to get or if we NEED a wedge. 

Would love to have some insight from people with the same and/or similar boats. 

All help and input is greatly appreciated! 

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Does it have perfect pass? If not that would be first on the list. Those vlx are hard to get a good surf wave out of without a lot of weight. I run listed so can't give you feedback on the ghetto gate but can tell you it took a lot of ballast and a good driver. I used to run 750 in the rear locker, mid ballast full, 800-1000 lbs surf side, and 750-900 lbs in the bow (for regular, goofy required much less weight). We only ran that way in calm water conditions and if I wasn't driving, there were only one or two people I trusted to run my boat that heavy. If I kept that boat I would have strongly considered a wicked wake surf gate and a different prop. 

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Congrats on the new Bu and welcome to the Crew!

I am going through this myself right now, my personal attitude is not to go all out right away, some of my recommendations below are "budget but good". If money isnt a big deal you want a pair of mission surf gates, two 900 pound ballast sacks from wakemakers for the rear, a couple of 400's to move about the cabin, and a hard plumbed sack to go on top of or under your front seats. This will be best with 3/4 reversible pumps. (if you remove the stock rear tanks you can re-use those pumps and save a bit - this is recommended by many as the stock tanks are above waterline and get in the way of sacks). Also you will want a nice surf board from a brand like inland surfer. Total investment would probably be 2000 in the sacks and reversible ballast pumps, plus 700 for the board, plus 650 for the mission surf system (total = $3,400 and change). 

For budget surfing: 

  1. You will need lots of weight in the boat, tons of ballast sacks. If you support this site and buy a membership you can get 10% off at bakes and wakemakers, both fantastic retailers.
  2. At a minimum I would recommend 2 750 pound sacks in the ski lockers, a 400-600 sack in the bow or center walkway. Optional is a 400 ish pound sack to put on or under the surf side seat.
  3. You can buy the sacks and a pump you toss over the side (takes a long time and is anbnoying but works), or you can buy reversible pumps, those would be my two recommendations. The aerators are slowly going out of style. This kit (see link) would get you started quick and easy, if you like it simply plumb in permanent pumps once you dial it in: https://www.wakemakers.com/fly-high-ultimate-wakeboard-elevate-pump-package.html, the 1100 pound sacks are a bit too big, but you don't have to fill fully
  4. Yes you will probably want to try a wake shaper, you can DIY for about a hundred bucks or search for Wicked Wake, Mission Boat Gear, or the Ronix ramp that sticks to the side of the boat.
  5. You will want a surf rope, airhead cheapie should be fine to start.
  6. The cheapest all around board is a Hyperlite broadcast in 5'4": https://www.wakemakers.com/hyperlite-broadcast-wakesurf-board.html?542=4185&gclid=CjwKEAjwrOO3BRCX55-L9_WojHoSJAAPxcSPNhVRTK8eZSeyACqnHB7jPRZxDFB6RawUzQ1Ceja7oRoCEbTw_wcB

This budget setup would be 1000-1500 bucks. and give you an idea of how well your boat surfs and if you like it before biting off a big(er) investment.

Do you know what prop is on your boat? An acme 1235 could be in order if the boat has issues surfing or wakeboarding with all of the people and weight in it.

That's a long post, but I hope it helps you. My boat has a slightly different ballast setup stock, but i am starting with 940lbs in each rear side and a walkway sack of 400 pounds. I will likely add another 400 to the mix.

Great thread in this forum right now on doing an 08 ballast upgrade: 


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Man that was helpful! Our boat has ZERO ballasts right now. All original mls stuff was taken out. So we are pretty much starting from scratch. Budget is definitely a big deal. The cheaper the better for a decent wave. Doesn't need to be anything crazy seeing as how we are all at the beginner level in wake surfing. 

I know I need to get some sacks to start things off. That will help in every aspect of the boat(wakeboarding, wakesurfing). 

Then I would probably look at a surf system. Not sure on diy or wicked wake surf. 

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